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  1. Lion23

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    Okay for all. I have found my Problem. I had installed the Fs2Crew for the 737-800 pmdg and if i have removed it, the Problem was gone. So if there any one who has installed it throw it from your disk. Many greetings to the FS2Crew Support.
  2. Lion23

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    no i´m sorry i had no anti virus Programm in the Background, and the fsx wasn´t running at the time were i have installed the T7 . And the first step doesen´t worked.
  3. Lion23

    PMDG 777 RAAS crashing FSX on startup

    Hi I´m sorry for my bad English! i doesen´t speak (write) english very often. I have the Problem that if i start the Fsx, the rssapro.dll is crashing and i can say yes pleas start up or doesen´t start up rssa.The first time after the installing the raas works. But i have restard the fsx and at this time it doesen´t work. I have repaird the 777 and i removed the tripple 777 and reinstall. if I does´n´t start up the raas, the 777 works very good. i doesen´t have the Airbus X but the Fs2Crew for the 737 ngx with the emergency pack. I hope you can help me. It weres Perfect if you can write it once in German I have load up an Picture with the error. I hope it can help!? Thank you for your comments