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  1. FurrMik

    Avsim is becoming ban-happy

    I am so disgusted with Avsim now. You guys (Tom Allensworth) have such a great community on your hands, such a great opportunity to expand the Flightsim community, and what do you do? You turn it into a communist government where if a user says the slightest thing you don't like, you ban them! Do you enjoy banning people? I am sure you do. I was reading a topic about the 777 release, when a user mentioned a slur again PMDG claiming that the delay was just a sales propaganda, and Tom replied with "I haven't banned someone in over 24 hours" "Want me to? Huh huh?" And the user was promptly banned. I saw a similar situation with another user who made a comment to PMDG about the 777 bug and he was also banned! Just tonight I made a comment in a topic, where a user said they are not going to buy the PMDG 777 because they aren't supporting the future, and I said" "Live in the present, and enjoy it). I WAS BANNED FROM THE TOPIC!! WHY? I didn't say ANYTHING bad there. (Tom Allensworth) You will probably ban me for posting this topic, because you don't "like it". Avsim is such a great experience to share our experiences with Flightsim, but there's one thing sure, you guys need to stop being ban ##### and let us express ourselves more without being BANNED. Like I said, I love Avsim for the community. And that is ALL I love about it.
  2. FurrMik


    So jim I went through my dll.xml and deleted my entry for accufeel which I uninstalled over a year ago. Hmm!
  3. FurrMik


    Wow, thank you Jim! I have been experiencing the same CTD as you! I will look through my dll.xml file.
  4. FurrMik


    It's about impossible to diagnose anything without your system specs.
  5. FurrMik

    PMDG 747V2 Release date

    Does anybody know when the 747V2 is going to be released now that the 777 is out? Thanks -Jim