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  1. oh thank you that looks exactly what I was looking for. i wont expect it to be as advanced as opus but any camera shake or aircraft movement will be great compared to the current stillness. thank you i will look at this and almost certainly buy it.
  2. hello, i have been using FSX for about 1.5 years but I only just installed FS9 yesterday. so I am completely new to the old platform. (FS9) once thing I am really missing in FS9 is the opus head shaking effects. English is not my first language so i dont know how to describe it well but i am talking of the camera shaking effect in opus; especially during take off landing and taxi. at the moment FS9 is just too static for me. :( so my question is can anyone tell me if anything at all exists for fs9 that will give the same head movement (or camera shaking) effect. i would like it to be as simple as possible. hopefully not like opus with many other features (if possible) but just the camera effect. thanks you very much in advance.
  3. this is excellent news. PM sent.
  4. Where are you people getting this information? ........ That is totally untrue. The FS2Crew is an incrementally developing product, and each version comes with new features and operational coverage. The Airbus X version is no exception. It has MORE features than almost all other Fs2Crew versions (the NGX version aside) not less. :rolleyes:
  5. It flies just beautiful! I have air aircraft realism slider set to max and it is just wonderful. Why adjust? This month I bought A2A 172 QualityWings Avro and RealAir Duke 2.0 - I like them all but the RealAir is closest to perfection. Close enough for a flight simulator x model. We are always translating from dynamice movement in the air, to those pixels moving on our screen. How real can it be? respectfully,
  6. Departing Vagar, Faroe Islands, for an Atlantic Airways flight to Copenhagen, using the Avro RJ100. This is default FSX scenery, just with Orbx FTX-Global textures. Weather is from Opus (with Zinnertek textures). ENB mod is in use. Sim time is approximately 6am. I was inspired to do this flight, from a video of the Faroe Islands posted by another user. Thank you for looking, Shomei.
  7. Tan and Walnut. Especially for this vintage of aircraft
  8. A difficult time, so I hope people can show patience and tolerance. I own the BBS A330. It is clearly unfinished but they don't claim it to be otherwise. They are honest about it being unfinished. I do not fly it just yet but I follow the development and I am sure it wil be the best A330 available when finished. Shomei Yokouchi
  9. T1492

    "Pilot Response"

    Hey. it's no problem. Just a misunderstanding. Thank you for clarifying :smile: I hope you are enjoying the 777 as much as I am! Shomei Yokouchi
  10. Ah, this product was so sonderful for island hopping, the beautiful Izu Islands :- http://secure.simmarket.com/overland-japanese-airports-vol3.phtml I wish it would be made for FSX!
  11. Oh ok. Can anyone confirm that this is what is happening with the PM 777 then? I was sure I had managed to trim my 777 without yet using a trim button! :lol: Maybe it's my imagination then.
  12. T1492

    "Pilot Response"

    Why the unkind attitude? I explained that I am reading manuals but that it is not so straightforward for me. It is nice to be kind to people, when you can. Thank you to the other people for the help I have now found the option. It was called "Crew Alertness System" which when you are still learning English is easy to misunderstand because I was looking for the message "Pilot Response". I understand now. Thank you for your tolerance.
  13. I do wish so too. I tried importing them to FSX but not without problems. But still there are two very high standard Japan airports on Simmarket (good price), then there are the Aerosim Japan airports (high quality but wow Japanese prices!) Shomei Yokouchi
  14. I think a main difference with 777 is that there is an automatic trimming effect as far as I can see. So using trim switch does not seem so necessary except when trimming for take off. At all other times deflecting the yoke until the desired pitch is achieved, then slowly relaxing it, will hold the pitch. That is how I think I am seeing it work. Shomei Yokouchi
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