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  1. jouilffj88

    Experience ruined by its FPS!

    It's probably due to very high density clouds at very high resolution. The NGX is a completely different airplane. It was, and is. Because what's going on is with YOUR system. Please post your system specs, and your addons running in the area.
  2. jouilffj88

    PMDG 777 Release Bitter Sweet.

    What is the point of this topic? To try to get the FS9 sob story scheme to get developers to try to make addons again for FSX? Hah, sorry, FS9 is ancient history. FSX does have a future. Quit with this "Oh let me explain why other users are using sims other than FSX, CTD, Tweaks, Hardware blah blah blah". It sounds like your just jealous.
  3. jouilffj88

    Saving flight to avoid OOMs

    How does increasing Autogen and texture size help with OOM's?
  4. jouilffj88

    Saving flight to avoid OOMs

    Figure out the underlying problem of why you are getting OOM's, and fix it.