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  1. I have resolved this....Just update FSUIPC from 5.10 to 5.11 and all is good. :) Cheers Doug
  2. Regardless of how I setup and use the FMC or Auto Pilot, when I engage using anyone of the three A/P CMD's the aircraft goes into an immediate full nose up stall and flip over, even more extreme then you could do it manually, what am I missing here?? Thanks Doug
  3. Doogles

    Nav Ident Audio

    Ok, I have just discovered that it is the VRinsight software for my Mpanel that is overriding control of the cockpit nav audio. If I take Mpanel out of the equation the cockpit nav audio operates as advertised lol
  4. Doogles

    Nav Ident Audio

    Hey Guys Thanks for all your replies and suggestions, I have exhausted them all, all the nav buttons are out and off on all three radios, the CTRL+4 or nav1 ident are not assigned in FSX. I can turn it off and on with any other aircraft I have tried, just not this one. Maybe I will uninstall and reinstall this aircraft? Doug
  5. Doogles

    Nav Ident Audio

    Thanks FDX777, I guess that means you don't know how either ? Lol
  6. Doogles

    Nav Ident Audio

    Hi Guys/Gals How do I turn off the nav ident audio on this 737NGX? lol Doogles