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  1. Airbu099

    I Loathe FSDT's COUATL!

    Please do tell me, how you can create a flawless program that runs with the extremely finicky program that is FSX to be made compatible with EVERY piece of software that exists? If you say the customer is always right than we would never have any solution to any problem because we would be faced with every customer saying they are right. Don't you maybe think the developer knows a little because he is one who created it ?
  2. Airbu099

    I Loathe FSDT's COUATL!

    No it wasn't. Umberto lives in the opposite side of the globe, so our day is really his night, and our night is his day. So just because it's been a few hours and he hasn't replied does not mean it's "unresolved". And I read the ENTIRE thread. All you you ranting about the addon manager because you don't really understand how it works. The license keys should never be wiped out, because FSDT stores them in the registry. So something else is modifying it, but sorry, it's not FSDT. So, a complete re-install of the scenery would do absolutely nothing in this case. Care to post what the error says perhaps ? You want to know why he isn't? Because this has been explained so many times about the addon manager, and it seems he can't get through the brick walls that are most of the users here. He is also probably at the FSDT forum he is actually helping people who are wise enough to seek help by him... This is entirely your decision. There is nothing to FIX from FSDT's side when it's something on your computer that is conflicting and causing the problem. All you need to do is find what is causing the conflicting issues. I have never had one problem with the addon manager, it If you still don't get that I am at a loss, maybe it's better you do stay away from FSDT products..
  3. Airbu099

    I Loathe FSDT's COUATL!

    Sorry, I never said that. I said if they addon manager really had a "problem", than everyone that had it would be reporting the same problem. Since everyone's computer is different, and everyone DOES have different software, the problem is with something on YOUR computer that is conflicting with the software, which is why, everyone is reporting different crashes, different problems... etc. That's not the "eye candy" that I'm talking about. Have you ever heard that making a change to your CFG IN FLIGHT might be handy without having to: Close FSX. Go in Appdata Go to Microsoft Go to the "FSX folder" Open it with notepad Save it Replace original Restart FSX Restart Flight. Lets say you are close to running out of memory on landing. So you access the addon manager and change your 4096 textures to 1024 easily without losing your flight. Flightbeam: some of the most interesting features in KIAD are the extremely dense forest around the airport, which is multi-seasonal too, and the night lights that change depending on the weather (in low visibility, the apron lights project a *different* halo on ground, compared to good visibility), this feature was of course made possible with our Couatl scripting engine, and if they did those thousands+ of trees in multiple seasons without the Addon Manager, they would have taken 4X the amount of VAS... Also, they need to create objects programmatically, in order to be able to use shaders on ground which, incidentally, give them full DX10 compatibility without heavy flickering ground problems, which is what you get if you try to use ground shaders and ground in native FSX code, if you don't add extra programming. Someone on proposed an alternative method based on LODs levels to achieve this, without needing a module, but with that method, guess what, the memory requirement increases dramatically for each ground layer used, while with our method, we don't create multiple version of the ground layers. For the same efficiency reasons, the Addon Manager also handles Trial and registration, in order not to waste memory for an utility-only module and a protection-only module. By having both features in the same module, they save even more memory and resources compared to having two separate modules or (even worse) a separate module for every product, but fact that it's ALSO used for protection. First, I never said it was your "fault"! It's nobody's fault. The reason why is because hardly any other addon relies on simconnect so much. Something on YOUR computer is conflicting with simconnect, or the addon manager (Like Antivirus!) This doesn't mean it's your "fault", it just means that obviously FSDT can't make the addon manager compatible with every single piece of software out there. Since the addon manager relies on Simconnect so heavily, when something breaks simconnect than it breaks the addon manager and ALL your sceneries don't work. Well I don't know for sure, because I'm not a support Specialist, it certainly doesn't HAVE to be those things. Something else is the problem and the only way is go to seek support, because the entire "server outage" excuse is really bad, and I really doubt any problem will go "nowhere". I read every post here. I am a long member at the FSDT forum, and I actually READ and follow what he says, and I found this topic and I felt the need to register and post. I'm talking about the support forum HERE:
  4. Airbu099

    I Loathe FSDT's COUATL!

    Do you guys not get what Mir told us? WIthout the Addon Manager, FSDT airports wouldn't have all this "eye candy"! The addon manager does WAYYYY more than what means the eye. I, personally love the addon manager. It lets me know what airports I have installed... it lets me change some FSX settings... all without even Quitting FSX! All of you are just angry and blaming coualt for all your problems because when your FSX crashes, you get very mad, and your first result is to blame the developer. While the addon manager isn't really buggy at all, the main issue is with FSX. Simconnect is very finicky, even one thing (Like antivirus) that causes FSX simconnect to break, will cause a chain reaction with the addon manager and make everything go haywaire. The addon manager depends on simconnect for all of it's functionalities, such as real time switching of weather, night and day, and dynamic shadows. Piracy protection is just one small feature of this program, Virtuali could list about 100 more that we had no idea that it does, for all of the airports that YOU guys love so much. If the addon manager really had a "problem" with it, EVERYONE that used it would be experiencing the same problem. But as you can see, the only ones that are posting here, are the ones WITH problems, so it may "seem" like there is a bunch of users on the same boat, but really it's just a bunch of users who refuse to use the FSDT forum to figure out the problem. The problem IS, something on YOUR computer is conflicting with the addon manager, or simconnect. (Like Antivirus!) This doesn't mean it's your "fault", it just means that obviously FSDT can't make the addon manager compatible with every single piece of software out there. So please stop, and actually go and get help at the FSDT forum for your problems. Virtuali is extremely intelligent and I have yet to see a topic where the issue has not been resolved.