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  1. Hi, all. Newby to FSX here. I'm taking a flying lesson, so that expecting FSX to give me some more virtual practice. I have an FS app on my iphone, it's called Infinite flight. What I like is it has a replay function which allows you to replay your fly. You can change your view from cockpit to outsides. It's extremely helpful for landing practice for I can see my posture and come in route from a tower view. Until now, I haven't figured out if FSX has the same funtion? Further more, Infinite flight seems more real to me because if my speed or angel is wrong, it will crash or bounce up on runway, but FSX seems no matter how you operate, the virtual Cessna will always land. As I said , I'm new to FSX, maybe just I'm not familar with its full functions so you can help me out. Any help will be appreciated.