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  1. Burgman

    Real Air Duke v2.0 Released

    Wow! Looks good. Flies good. Is great! Transposed titles for the forward and rearward cabin views and a lack of clickspot to close the pop-up GPS, and that's about it for the picking of the nits from me.
  2. Could be you are operating it wrong. There's a useful video for the Piper PA46 by Dick Rochfort Don't know about the pressurisation in the TBM specifically, but the absence of a rate adjuster would seem to suggest `set and forget` - set to departure altitude, then don't adjust again until TOC. At TOD set destination alt +500. Leave alone. That would imply that the red warning is coded incorrectly in this aircraft, normal rules would suggest amber for maximum differential, red for exceedance.
  3. So, by implication, the developers of such products should not have to supply any support to any customer that has a non-standard installation..? Wickedness goes both ways. It's nice if they admit to the enhancements, but aren't we all using enhancements in combinations?