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  1. I want to improve my landings and I have questions.I hope this topic will be helpful with the answers from the masters for who have questions like me.


    1-First of all, my NGX nose touchs down very quickly after landing.Can I keep avay from this situation or is this characteristic for 737?

    2-How can I touch down with right speed? I think it should be vref-5 but I always can't keep.Can I put the throttles to idle above 10 AGL?


    I also want this topic to be a asking place to rookie pilots like me.


    Thank you,



    I’m not sure how Latitude is calculating those numbers, but they are insane. V2 is closer to lift off speed and I typically see v2 speeds about 140kts or above. 126kts seems kind of crazy, perhaps impossible, and definitely dangerous. And the touchdown speed of 106 is in stall territory, that’s bonkers. I would personally turn off Latitude and stick to whatever you see in the FMC.


    Ultimately you are the best judge of your piloting. If you make a harsh landing you know it and more importantly why. Maybe you flared too late, maybe you cut throttles too early, maybe you rushed it in after passing the touchdown point too high. Latitude, even if it did work correctly, can’t tell you these things, but you know it yourself by evaluating your own performance. Maybe a smooth landing is not even preferential sometimes, like on a short runway surrounded by rough terrain in icing conditions. In that case, it would be prudent to land at Vref+ice, put it down firmly in the touchdown zone, and have plenty of runway to get stopped - as opposed to dangling above stall speed to attempt a feather-light touchdown in dangerous conditions with slick runways. My point is that you are the best judge of your actions, and whether or not they are correct for the conditions. Don’t take guff from any back-seat pilot software. :wink: (Especially if its giving you V numbers better fit for a turbo prop)

    Thank you for these infos.They are very helpful for me and also Mark777 was very heplful but I couldn't do two quotes in one mesaage.



    Sorry again he was Mike777

  3. Thank you very much for detail information.


    I was saying that T7 is easier in stable apps but I realized some problems in Latitude.My skill point drop down because of the lift off speed.When my VR was about 135 knots Latitude wants me to liftoff at 126.I am using 5 flaps in T7.Can it be the problem?Latitude also wants me to touchdown at 106 when my Vref is 137.


    Thank You


  4. I'm having problems with the thrust increasing on it's own after I start the engines. I use the Saitek Pro Flight yoke without the throttle controls. Meaning I use F1, F2, F3, and F4 to control the thrust. Before I start the engines I press F1 to verify that the thrust levers are at full idle. I have the GPU and Air Start units hooked up to the aircraft while performing the engine start. Here is what I do to start the engines.


    1) Left click Start switch to the Start position

    2) Right Fuel Control switch to Run

    3) Wait for Engine #2 to stabilize

    4) Repeat for engine #1


    Now this is where the engines start spooling up on their own. For about 30-40 seconds after both engines have stabilized which is now at N1 21.7% everything is where it should be at. Then without warning the both engines spool up to ~54.7% N1 and I have to press F1 to make it go back down to idle.


    Anyone know why it does this? I have submitted a ticket on the PMDG website but they couldn't help me. I'm hoping somebody has some insight on this.


    -Thanks in advance :-)

    It also happened to me for one time.I thought it was a problem about autothrottle disconnection fail because it happened me after pushback to return Rome.It was my second leg in flight.

  5. No it is not normal.It sholudn't be disappear.Are you sure the flight directors are on?It should only disappear above 50 AGL.For a detailed solution you can give us the runway info.

    VASI lights aren't required if there is a ILS guidance system as I know.



  6. I have a question about taxi light.In NGX it moves with angle of wheels to the right and left because of the light position.But in my 777 taxi light only illuminates directly from the nose without turning when taxiing.Is it normal?



  7. Hi Efe . . . yes, we can all bring a different style to the cockpit. The manuals have some good diagrams showing various recommended procedures, especially for landing, whether it's an ILS or visual approach.

    On take-off, I will often hand-fly to above 10,000 feet just for practice, much as real-world crews do. And besides, this plane is so nice to fly. Landing lights go off at 10,000 feet. 

    For the the approach, I'll set flaps 5 before intercepting the localizer. I'll usually maintain 180kts to the marker. When the glideslope is alive, the gear go down and flaps to 20. Then when I intercept, the glideslope, flaps to 25 and eventually to 30. Depending on the weather, I'll often hand-fly the approach or leave it to the autopilot. Watching an autoland is fun. I marvel at how PMDG have captured the sophistication of the autopilot.

    Though it's not recommended procedure, flying an approach without autothrottle can be a challenge. Good practice for the day when the autothrottle conks out.



    Hi Bruce..I think you do a very hard thing with hand-flying to FL100.It sounds very impossible to me.Looks like you are a very talented pilot and also I would thank you for first reply to my topic.


    Efe(Please forgive me if I made a mistake in my sentences.)

  8. In my opinion this topic can be very helpful to improve ourselves with reading the others writings.Please close this topic if there is a similar topic.

    During take-off I take thrust levers to 50 percent and I use TOGA at the mcp.

    After take-off I engage A/P at 400,pull up the flaps with watching speed and close landing light after takeoff.

    At 10000 I close runway turnoffs.

    Before 30 nm from top of descent I use my descent page in ECL to prepare.

    I turn-on the runway turnoffs at 10000.

    I use 15 flaps at 10nm from runway and 20 flaps and gear at 7nm from runway.

    I disengage A/P at 600AGL leave the auto throttle on.

    I disengage auto throttle at 50AGL and flare.

    I use reverse thrust until 50 knots and leave the runway with closing strobe and landing lights.




  9. Thank you very much for your replies and yes I use the replayer what fsx gives me.I think I should use a more proffessional recorder.I also don't care the flaps position or something in details.I just want to see my landing from external.


    Thank you very much one more time.



  10. Hello Everyone,

    I am new on this forum and I am very happy to be here.I have a small problem that I believe you can help me.I use a one and half years old notebook but my problem is not about performance.(Because I get around 30/40 fps with t7 on medium high scenery,bilinear flitering without aa,no traffic)My problem is about the disappearance of my beautiful T7.When I want to see my replay after landing my plane disappears or a black screen comes up.I tried it 10 times I only could see 2 of my replays.The others had problems and I had to close the game.It also happens after settings,flight analyser.I made all of the tweaks and settings in introduction like HIGHMEMFIX=1(as I remember)


    Thank you for your help,

    Best regards,EFE (Sorry for my bad english I hope all of you understood my sentences.)

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