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  1. Around 30-40 with Asus n55sf that I bought 18 months ago with medium high scenery.
  2. I have saitek's beautiful yoke too but I use F2 button only for reversing.I think it is the most comfortable way to set thrust to reverse position.Give it a chance. Best regards,EFE(From Turkey so sorry for my bad English) :ph34r: Good Flights!
  3. I want to fly every hour in my life.

  4. 10 flights with T7 in a day and 1 flight in a week with NGX :Hypnotized:
  5. Sorry if my question is answered.Must I leave the autothrottle engaged on my way to runway when handflying ?If so when can I disengage it?(Now I disengage it around 50AGL to flare)
  6. I have never got an OOM with T7 despite my one and half years of notebook didn't made for gaming or simulating.(Of course I don'use add-ons except pmdg t7 and 737 ngx and i get around 30-40 fps with a scenery setting of medium high)
  7. Waiting me at NCE to arrive his home with an Alitalia livery but I think it won't wait so much. :rolleyes:
  8. Hello, I bought this flawless T7 on the day it released and I loved it.I must thank PMDG for this great add-on but I have a small problem.I love watch my replay of landing in taxi way but I can't make it in this aircraft most of time.(app. 7/10 of my flights) I have problem about replay.Sometimes plane disappears and I only see the shadows on the ground or everything dissappears a black windows comes and my flight closes before I go to the gate.It also makes in any settings page.When I come back to plane there is nothing about the plane anymore.(Just a shadow on the ground of my beautiful T7) I think you suggest me to read introduction but I made all of the settings and tweaks in this very helpful document and I use bilinear filtering without aa.(Also my computer is a laptop:Asus n55sf 1194v) Sorry for my bad english ıf I made a mistake.Thank you from now on to all helpers.(Can't sure it is true )
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