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  1. It seems that from now everything is working, even the Lvars ! I started over, removed the  2.03 version reminiscenses, xml:s backups and that stuff, reinstalled and that's it. It's not that hard to reassign when you are acquainted with the program as I am now. Don't know though what stopped the Lvars from being assigned. Now time for digging into the Hvars and the undocumented ones.....  The headline can be changed to ; AAO, got control  🙂

    Cheers, Peter

  2. Thank you for fast reply ! Of course I should have mentioned my sim is MSFS 2020 and I'm on Win 10 , sorry. Database found and restored, assignments visible though no buttons is working. The X-touch mini seems to lost connection to AAO. Reinstalled AAO ( 2.04 b43 ), unplugged/inplugged X-touch, restarted PC, Midi devices enabled in AAO.  No indications in Device manager that  any connected unit is failing.

    Lvars; Scripting-Read Lvars from sim-Collecting..Collected. The question remains, No Lvars seems to be assignable, that means; "Add button assignment"-"Key down event"-double click any Lvar. "Key down event" still shows NONE ( none ). What am I doing wrong ? Tested most of the Lvars in JF arrow and Asobo 152/172. All other variables works as intended.

    Regards, Peter

  3. Hallo !

    Have had the software a couple of weeks and assigned some buttons on X-Touch mini for the Cessna 152/172 and JF Arrow. Yesterday I had some problems with getting the JF Arrow Lvar Autopilot_onoff to get working. Tested and experimenting with scripting, without knowing how to do it and without success. No local variables in the Arrow seems to be possible to assign without script. Is it intentional ? In the previous version of AAO I have assigned a couple off them so I could for instans remove the Efb/Ipad in the Arrow. But when starting the sim and AAO today every assignment was gone. Where did they go ? To clearify, when trying "Apply other config to this aircraft", the Dialog box is empty, I reinstalled the 2.04 version and of course running everything as admin and AAO is connected to the sim.

    Regards, Peter

  4. Hallo all !

    I have used this software a lot on my old pc ( win 7/64 ) and it always worked as expected. Now I have a new Pc running Win 10 and I cant get it to work properly. I get "Microsoft .Net framework" error that indicates some runtime file/s missing (?). Downloaded, I think, all of them, 2005 (x3),2008 (x2),, 2010,2013(x2),2015-2019 (x2), 2019. Tried "Turn windows features on or off", with corresponding updates. Same error. What have I forgotten ? I have downloaded/uninstalled/reinstalled a couple of times. The LLT version is

    Regards, Peter

  5. Thank you "ScotFlieger" for bringing me in the right direction to solve my multicast problem as well. I've had the same issue with the network going down due to this. I don't really get your solution but mine was to change the multicast addresses. It seems as certain Multicast-adresses works better than others ?!

    Cheers, Peter

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  6. Hallo !

    As a response to my own post some pages ago. If anybody has problem to start "RealTraffic" as I had.

    The program has a .ini-file attached to it and its hosted in "Users/name/Appdata/Roaming/InsideSystems/. ( Same folder as the license file ) That file was for some reason empty, maybe because of the upgrade process I did. And with an empty ini-file the program doesn't start. I deleted the ini-file and, Voila, the program starts ! Writing a new ini but with content. 


    Regards, Peter

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  7. Hallo all !

    Updated " RealTraffic" to version 4.03 and now it won't show up. When trying to start it ( as administrator ) it only generates several instances of java.exe in the task manager. No log file generated. Tried to start ver 4.02, that worked before, it shows the update message, I press OK and then nothing. What could have gone wrong ?

    I have a registration for the program and Java is version 8.0.910.14. Running W7/64. PSXseeconTraffic starts fine.

    Cheers, Peter

  8. If you have Henrik Nielsens "ships and Boat traffic" installed in P3d it will crash PsxseeconTraffic with error 41 on some objectID. Then you restart it and have both the boat and the live traffic until next ship is inserted. Then crash again and so on. That means you can have all leisure boats active but no ferries, the slider has to be on zero.

    Btw, my RealTraffic and PSXseeconTraffic works perfect on my Win 7/64 Ultimate.


    Cheers, Peter

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