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  1. On Vista on my laptop selecting any one of the 3 provided campaigns starts a short video in a small window and allows further play. On XP SP3 on my desktop selecting any one of the 3 provided campaigns opens the small empty window and the machine freezes. The updates for Falcon 4 AF are installed. Any suggestions or experience to share xmonday
  2. Falcon F4 AF provides a wide spectrum of aircraft. How does one fly them, or get them into the air? xmonday
  3. xmonday

    Welcome to the Falcon 4 - Allied Forces Forum

    Hmm . . . . I sent a question to this Falcon 4 forum AF yesterday about flying alternative aircraft but don't see it. What did I do wrong? I wonder if I will see this post? xmonday
  4. When I include a Hercules-130 into a mission the game (Falcon4 AF) allows me to create a route with steerpoints, etc. and to save it as a file. But when I try to fly it a "This aircraft is not flyable" window appears. Can one fly other aircraft? Other sources strongly suggest one can. But how? If not, why can missions be built including them? Why are the other aircraft in the simulator? After many years of intermittent "play" I continue to mine more pleasure and make discoveries with this, the most absorbing (and difficult) simulator. Thank you running this forum. xmonday