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  1. Hello everybody, I´m fairly new to flying a PMDG Boeing 747-400. I´ve watched several videos on youtube about doing the preflight checks and also about a tutorial flight from EDDM (Munich/ Germany) to EFHK (Helsinki/ Finland). All video were made by the crew of . I´m consistently running into problems shortly after takeoff. As soon as I hand over the plane to the AP the climbrate increases to that extend that the plane overshoots the Initial Altitude (5000ft) by almost 2000ft -> Altitude Alert. Then, while making the turn onto the SID the plane descends back to around 6000ft AGL and then starts climbing again (climbrate upto 6400ft/min) while the speed drops dramatically. I´m doing all checks by the AOM and I can´t figure out where I´m doing a wrong turn. I´m sure though that it´s an operator problem. I´ve made some screenshots during my last try which can be found here: I´m open to any suggestions that might help. Thx in advance Best Regards Torsten