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  1. last time I had blurries was in FS9 5years ago. My PC is fast and well setup...NO BLURRIES!
  2. if LR doesn't fix this issue before XP11, I will retire XP10 and stay with FSX/P3D. This issue is really embarrassing to still have in 2014 after so many updates. My fsx setups looks so good and real, when I look out my window from home or at FL300 from my trips.....fsx is the clear winner. XP10 still has many problems for a new sim.
  3. 1.2 is ok but I still don't think that Skymaxx is our answer to XP10 horrible skies. SMP clouds look out of place, sometimes the clouds disappear and reappear, real weather bugs are still occurring, etc. etc. Once REX is released, Skymaxx is finished...everyone will be using REX. I'm sorry but this payware is terrible :( :mad:
  4. my worst, most disappointing paywares are: 1- World Traffic for Xplane10 2- SkyMaxx Pro for Xplane10 (clouds look out of place and many issues with real weather...only REX can save XP10) 3- Wilco CRJ for FSX 4- Wilco Airbus Evolution vol.2 5- BBS A330
  5. Xplane 10 weather really sucks and Skymaxx hardly fixed anything. Flights still look back at any altitude.
  6. Jcomm, what does ASN in FSX have to do with my Skymaxx issue in an Xplane10 thread? :blink: :wacko:
  7. before midnight last night NorthAmerican East timezone during the Snowstorm that hit Canada/USA. I don't remember the altitude of the lowest cloud layer in the METAR. KJFK-CYYZ My altitude was FL200 in XP10....I fly low to avoid the Visibility Blur Bug :lol:
  8. jcomm is right, the dev is a good person and fast with support concerning activation keys. But you really don't need to re-activate the plane.....just save the 2 registration files(forgot the names, i'm not near my xp10 PC) in the main folder and your good.
  9. I forgot to mention that real weather was enabled and the snow was falling on runway and windshield(FF757) with no clouds in the sky :( My whole flight(KJFK-CYYZ) had no clouds.
  10. North America East is being hit by a major snowstorm tonight and I just flew over clear skies :( :unsure: :blink: :wacko: Will the REAL WEATHER be fixed soon in SMP?
  11. hands down, it's the FlightFactor 757 for Xplane10....animation and graphics are so lifelike and add the realistic rain/snow/ice ontop of that for the complete package :lol:
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