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  1. Zigg49

    Welcome to the Falcon 4 - Allied Forces Forum

    Hi Herkyman, you seem to have had more luck than I did with F4AF. I installed it ok, but half the controls didnt work in flight, and when I tried patching it, it refused to patch! I'm not sure if it was conflicting with F4BMS or not, but I ended up uminstalling AF for now, and will concentrate on F4BMS, as it seems to be supported better. You do realise that F4BMS is a different animal than F4AF? If you run into any probs getting the original Falcon 4 by Microprose, give me a shout, and I'll guide you.
  2. Zigg49

    Welcome to the Falcon 4 - Allied Forces Forum

    Ah, ok, thanks for putting me straight Helo. As I said, I'm just getting back into flight sims, and am at the bottom of the learning curve again. I feel that I want to do things properly this time, rather than just hurling a plane around and mostly crashing. That said, Falcon seems incredibly complicated, but I guess its all down to perseverance, eh? So my rate of learning will determine how long it will take to make even a decent take off, never mind a non fatal landing! Oh well, onwards and upwards.
  3. Zigg49

    Welcome to the Falcon 4 - Allied Forces Forum

    Hmm, this thread seems pretty dead. :mellow:
  4. Zigg49

    Welcome to the Falcon 4 - Allied Forces Forum

    Hi guys, Just getting back into flight sims (again). Was sorting through my collection and came across a copy of Falcon 4 Allied Force, hence my posting this. I remember trying to fly it some years back, probably on XP, and having problems with the controls, in as far as:- It would fly and respond to the throttle, but that was it, no other input worked, which as you can imagine, after a time it became pretty tedious. I did post on a couple of other forums and they did offer various suggestions, none of which helped at all, so in the end I gave up. I was encouraged to read earlier that F4AF will work on win 7 ( I have Ultimate 64bit). So when I obtain another joystick ( I have a Saitek X45, but find it takes up to much space) I will be tentatively entering the fray again. Heres hoping it works well on win 7.