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  1. Me only see link here http://forum.avsim.net/topic/444096-microsoft-sells-license-to-fs-franchise-part-2/ is not they is him (Tom) that is why me was confuse with they. If not rumor Tom not telling who buyer is? no dna if Tom not buyer? Tom writing story because him see paper or him hear about story? Olga Van Kranendonk
  2. If not rumor about flight right sold is because proof exist, who start rumor as proof? Olga Van Kranendonk
  3. What is not a rumor what is not announced? Olga Van Kranendonk
  4. This is valid point, best post on subject me read is post # 21 from top by the family man in link here. http://www.simforums.com/Forums/i-got-p3d-v2-but-im-sad_topic47919_page3.html English expression.... family man nailed it. Olga Van Kranendonk
  5. If majority people go XP10 Venema will go too, look past statement made by him with sale, past statement by Venema on XP not good for Orbx is same = not trust his word. Company go where money is good. Olga Van Kranendonk.
  6. I read a lot in Avsim before coming a member, me remember about Flight and member here alainneedle1 tell something, there is something on back burner, do you remember? Olga Van Kranendonk
  7. Using FSX vanilla me see birds eagle and rare shooting stars not see if me using some addons maybe some developer block some animations because the birds eagle are not there and replace by other birds.
  8. Did you update Nvidia driver with new card? Olga Vankranendonk
  9. I am not telling this for you only J van E but I do not know why people make example like that. This not about how much time to spend on P3D and compare to other product like F-22 F-22 was test with test pilot and when ready was use for all pilot in air force F-22 was not tested with test pilot and at same time use by pilot in air force. Can imagine pilot calling base and say my fuel is leaking on my F-22 I do not know if I can land at airport and base telling him we working on it just hang there it is a computer problem now slow down plane. Will air force buy plane like that and if they do and find problem like that they will stop plane from flying until problem is fix. LM do have test people for P3D and P3D maybe release when ready with small bugs but not with memory leak people buying P3D are not test pilot for LM so why LM selling P3D when not ready for flying. I read post here on Avsim and all the same people testing for solution for lot of problem or not happy with P3D because P3D do not work good so why LM do not wait a release P3D when working good maybe with small bug like other product. Big problem are with P3D not small problem why other people telling not happy people P3D is ok if P3D do not work and LM stop P3D is because LM can not make P3D work good not because of not happy people. If people want to wait maybe 5 year and maybe less before P3D work good and LM is ok working on P3D for 5 year again is ok with me and I buy again in 5 year if nothing better but now P3D is not good for me and other people can say here if not happy with P3D. Olga Vankranendonk.
  10. Rob so I get developer license P3D will fly good. Developer license cheaper or pro license $200.00 P3D fly the same money is not why P3D not working good. I am not mad my money is in bank account because of refund paying $200.00 is ok for me if P3D fly good not because addon not working with P3D or cheaper license. People buy right now because maybe P3D will work good one day like stock market? P3D is not ok for me LM make P3D good one day and me buying again is how selling and buying is not other way around but if people want P3D now and complain and tweak is ok too. Olga Vankranendonk
  11. J van E if LM give v3.0 we have to start again every time to be patient because LM want to start again. Rob good point but why wait to fly good after I pay $200.00 LM need to ask $200.00 after P3D work good not before that is wrong. Never before I buy a game for $200.00 with problem like that. Game sell for $60.00 around when ready in store or online I am not mad but I will ask refund from store if I buy game at $60.00 with problem like P3D. Olga Vankranendonk.
  12. ANZ121 what is a little patience when was P3D available for us 2 year ago right so I think 2 year after people are patient. If P3D was release 6 month ago I can understand your post but after 2 year people are not patient. When I buy P3D I was very happy for people simmer and I think it was good for 3PD to sell more addon and for us now after release of patch 2.1 addon do not work like before more broken Orbx last addon release is not advertise for 2.1 patch. I think some people like tweaking and trying to fix P3D problem just read all post here but I want to fly not look at forum to fix P3D LM as to fix it but how long to wait 2 year again for some fix so 4 year and not sure if P3D is good for $200.00. Is ok if you wait and you are good waiting again 2 year maybe more for what you expect for $200.00 but me will buy again if P3D can fly 90% more compare to tweaking. People post here because of problem not because of flying P3D so people post less and fly more when P3D is good so people will moan less. Olga Vankranendonk
  13. ANZ121 your post is right because to many people not happy and want good P3D now but why and it is because people pay for it. If P3D is free nobody as right to not be happy but because people pay $200.00 I think people can ask for good P3D now. Olga Vankranendonk
  14. I read posting from RWFeldman and I read LM not having enough tester and LM read post from simmer to tell problem to LM. I am happy I ask refund because I want to not test for LM I like flying I did hope for good improvement for last year but still same or more problem or small % of P3D is better but not better for $200.00. Not to tell bad of P3D just telling what I see when use P3D and read all post here of P3D forum or LM forum not good if I look at past 2 year and no addon to work good with P3D after 2 year. P3D not winner right now P3D with more problem as FSX. Olga Vankranendonk
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