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  1. Brazen

    Guess what happens next? .......

    Hahahahahahaha! This has got to be staged, right? Neither the squirrel nor the airplane could be so lucky ...
  2. Brazen

    First solo

    My first solo was in 1992. Here's what my instructor told me and what I told my students: 1. Your instructor has confidence in you, so should you. 2. You are never alone. There's a whole world ready to help you on the other side of that radio. 3. Even though there's noone sitting next to you, say things out loud and talk yourself through it. You'll notice if you miss something or if something doesn't sound right. 4. Wear a cheap tie. Have a good flight!
  3. Brazen

    Firefighting Airspace

    Interesting video about air traffic control while fighting fires. Video is from 2012, but a search on the YouTube key didn't get any hits.
  4. Brazen

    Words I need to share with our Community

    So sorry to hear this. :( Go, create more memories with friends and family. AVSIM is already immortal. Thank you for creating this incredible community!
  5. Brazen

    Carenado PC12 on YouTube

    Should've figured you'd be on AvSim, too.
  6. Brazen

    Who flies the Real Air Lancair Legacy?

    Amazing piece of work. Try out their Dukes.
  7. Brazen

    Back in Hospital:(

    Living on the edge? Good news, indeed!
  8. Brazen

    KL 566 runs off EHAM 18R

    Nose gear got stuck in the grass after brake failure. The KLM 747 is still there. Noone was hurt. Flight was from Nairobi. News from Dutch news site Twitter picture Flightradar24 E: Current info is here (in Dutch, but has video while it lasts).
  9. Brazen

    KLM's Lost & Found service

    Well, being Dutch, I knew it was a commercial. Like you said, it doesn't take away from the cuteness.
  10. Brazen

    Landing in Japan XP10

    I'm going to take a wild guess and say
  11. That cyan line around the N1 indications, isn't that the hardware power position? It's showing almost full forward.
  12. Brazen

    Back in Hospital:(

    Great news!
  13. Brazen

    STAR's for KSNA missing in MD-11

    Yeah, I posted about it here. Not going to touch it, though. Changing it is supposedly not trivial. :(