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  1. 1other1

    777 for Prepar3d

    This forum really is an idiot fest isn't it? Life must be awfully tough for trolls.
  2. 1other1

    777 for Prepar3d

    Touchy aren't we... And do yourself a favor clown and try not to judge who you're talking to by one post. And the best thing you've done here is convince me to stay away from your companies products!
  3. 1other1

    777 for Prepar3d

    Does anyone else think it is taking a ridiculously long time for PMDG to make this plane available for P3D? And please don't give me the complex licensing bs.
  4. 1other1

    Moving Prepar3d to SSD - Question

    Thank you Mac! Is it now better to put Orbx on the SSD with Prepar3D?
  5. I am doing a fresh install of Prepar3d to a new 480GB SSD. I have Orbx FTX Base, Vector, FS Global and other add-on scenery. Should I move this to the SSD as well? If so how do I go about uninstalling a re-installing the scenery products? Thanks in advance.
  6. 1other1

    Sapphire Hd7970 Crashes

    Thanks stampee but these are real video crashes. Blank or colored screens and I can still hear the sim - computer needs to be shut down and restarted. I'm wondering if this is an AMD driver/Win 8.1 issue and if anyone has had this before with Prepar3D.
  7. 1other1

    Sapphire Hd7970 Crashes

    I am having almost constant video crashes lately with Prepar3D 2.2 on Windows 8.1/64bit. At first I thought it might be EZCA related so I switched to OpusFSX cameras and still have video crashes. I'm using the latest AMD beta drivers for Win 8.1/64 but have been experimenting with older drivers with the same results. When I’m in the sim however it runs extremely well – it seems the crashes come from view changes. My specs are below. If I’m in the wrong place here I apologize in advance. Thanks. CPU: i7-4470 3.40 with overdrive RAM: 16 GB Windows 8.1 with latest updates Have 3 monitors but only running sim on center ASUS 27″ 2560X1440X32 GRAPHICS: Sapphire HD7970 3GB Overdrive: GPU 1050 Memory 1500 Power 20% USING RadeonPro: VISUAL: AA – Use app AA Mode – Supersampling AA Filter – Unchecked Anisotropic – App controlled Tess: Unchecked Vertical sync: Checked – Off, unless app specifies ADVANCED: Texture Filter – High quality Mipmap – High Quality TWEAKS: VSync – Always on (Double Vsync) Triple buffer – checked Dynamic framerate – Keep up to 33FPS IN-GAME SETTINGS: DISPLAY: FXAA: Off MSAA: 4 Samples Texture: Anisotropic 16X Texture Res: High Tessellation Enabled VSync – Off Wide view – Checked Mipmap – Checked SCENERY: LOD – Ultra Tess – Ultra Mesh res – 5m Texture res – 30cm Scenery complex – Dense Autogen veg – Normal Autogen building – Normal LIGHTING: Landing – Checked Lens flare – Checked HDR – Unchecked MAIN SCENERY ADDONS: FTX Global FTX Global Vector OTHER: FSUIPC ESCA OpusFSX
  8. 1other1

    Milviz compatibility with V2.1 vs V2.0

    Ron - Not sure how successful your sales career was - and I hope it was - but plain and simply there are a lot of very excellent developers of aircraft for FSX/Prepar3D out there that do treat their customers with respect. MilViz obviously doesn't give a crap if anyone buys their products or not and this is more than disrespect for their customers it's extreme arrogance. Bottom line is that no one needs to deal with companies like this - period. Thanks for responding to my post though.
  9. 1other1

    Milviz compatibility with V2.1 vs V2.0

    Nice attitude MilViz. I'm another customer you've just lost!
  10. Have not received a registration key after a few hours.
  11. There is obviously no such guide included by Carenado which I believe is a serious oversight. Does anyone know of a comprehensive manual for this plane from another vendor? Thanks in advance.