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    I just pupped my pants! you tell me. :(
  2. Prior to the education I received free of charge from NickN I was in the habit of upgrading video card for nothing. After my i7 920 build with a 2x 295GTX a few years ago I was disgusted with FSX and was finished with it. I then found NickN guide after reading some rave reviews and started from scratch to rebuild that system ditching the 295's for 1 GTX 480 I believe it was at that time. It followed the guide exactly and couldn't believe the results. I followed his new guide again to the letter for my recent Haswell build too. The haswell build guide. The FSX bible and the NI guide. I added a novel cooling solution of my own and my system is in the 3DMARK06 Hall of Fame at no15! If you think you know better than Nick then good luck with that. If you are like me an have very limited computer know-how then do yourself a favour study all of Nicks guides in detail before you do anything :Big Grin: Nick has 2 Phd's and was on the team that designed the flight control system on the space shuttle or something like that. He knows his stuff
  3. If you have decent hardware and you didn't follow Nick's guide and you are happy with what you have got, that's great and good luck to you. If you follow Nick's guides on the same hardware, your FSX performance will be significantly better. End of story! You are not optimizing Windows for FSX you are optimizing windows for any demanding program. Its will also benefit X-plane 10 and P3D V2. You just might have to remember to turn Hyper-threading on and off depending on what you are doing. Oh and go ask the same question on Simforums and see what they say about it over there.
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