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  1. Well would you like me to PM my explanation so you can shot an unarmed in private where no one else can see or do you have the guts for me to post it so you can shot am unarmed man in public? Your call!
  2. Well you are clearly fishing. Do you want me to take the bait?
  3. Well if you don't get the point, I'm damned if I am going to explain it!
  4. If AVSIM was a country and the forum members were its citizens/Subjects and the Moderators made up its bureaucracy and government what kind of political regime would it be? Hint: The kind were anyone holding an opinion that wasn't state sanctioned got vanished in the middle of the night? :ph34r:
  5. Nobody said anything about not enjoying the sim. I enjoy it a few hour every week and my system is a painstakingly setup system with i74770k at 4.8Ghz and GTX 780 etc. It is setup exactly as per NickN's recent guides on Simforums. Granted that is for FSX but that guide is for Setting up windows for optimal performance. so there are not setup issues here. This thread is about what is hope for or expect form V2.3 V2.4 etc and how many .X's there are going to be. My preference is that LM should work on performance specifically Multi-GPU performance and from what I have read performance appear to be their main objective in V2.3 so apparently they agree:-)
  6. Regardless of the the panning issue with 30fps there is also a feel difference between 30fps and 60fps. Despite 30fps looking smooth it feels sluggish compared to 60FPS. I can achieve 60fps in VC with my system and there is a whole level of feel and responsiveness to the sim that just isn't there at 30fps. Not saying that 30 fps doesn't look smooth; it does, but 60FPS is far superior in terms of the being there factor. Especially with aggressive flying. I am hoping that SLI or crossfire support in V2.3 will get us there:-) Even 40fps is a marked improvement over 30 but 60 seems to be holly grail in action games. I see in a lot of games 60FPS is the locked maximum despite the hardware. You get 60FPs even on low detail setting and I think the idea is that you keep easing those setting up until your average FPS drops below 60 and then you know you are at the limit of your hardware. You could do this with P3D V2 and I figure the details quality would be acceptable at least on my machine but I doubt the level you would have to drop the setting in FSX too achieve 60FPS would be at all acceptable. My point is that what I hope for in version 2.3 is nothing more than close to double the FPS with the current setting I have to achieve 30FPS i.e. SLI support. in fact if the only thing that changed in V2.3 was the introduction of SLI support that would be good enough for me and if they only achieve Crossfire support. I would drop the Nvidia GTX780 like a hot potato and install the two or 3 Top shelf AMD cards the day after release. Everything else about v2.2 is just about perfect IMO. Its great that Lockheed are interested in maintaining backwards compatibility but compatibility is really a 3PD issue.
  7. Well yes 30fps is fine until you pan around. Then you can see the transition from frame to frame. Especially on large screens. For example if you use a 60inch wide screen and pick an item; say the latch of the window vent on the A2A C172. Using TrackIR position that clip on the edge of the screen and pan your view so that the clip ends up on the opposite side of the screen in 1 seconds. In that 1 seconds 30 frames have been rendered. That means the clip has moved position by 2 inches for each frame. That is a very discernible compared to a change of position 1 inch per frame which is what you get at 60fps on a 60 inch wide screen. Both instances resemble motion blur to some degree. An exaggerated motion blur mixed with double vision is what I would call it. Its not stutters and it has nothing to do with the smoothness of the SIM looking near too or straight ahead. The smaller the screen the less noticeable the effect. If you are Flying a Sim and you intend to jump in a real airplane some day you better plan to brake that habit of looking more or less straight ahead because real pilots (the safe ones) have their head on a swivel. On AVSIM I cant understand the obsession with rubbishing other peoples preferences.
  8. the Oldar makes a very salient point. FSX is what it is thanks to the platform being static for years. This is why backwards compatibility is so crucial. If P3DV2 was not backwards compatible dispite all the improvement it would take many more years than the product is going to last before it caught up to FSX. I figure backwards compatibility cant last forever but I am guessing there is a strategy afoot between LM and the 3PD's that are on board. Maybe they will find a way for 32bit addons to work in a 64 bit P3D after all 32 bit programs run in 64 bit windows:-)
  9. I like the sound of 2.3 very soon. Hopefully that release will be all about SLI and much needed performance improvements. Everything else about P3D V2.2 is superb. LM just need to get those performance issues sorted out. With my current setting I get 30 plus FPS. It would be a dream come true to get near 60FPS on the same setting:-)
  10. Where do all you guys find the time to fly your sims?
  11. Clearly, there will be no press release. This thread probably convinced the stakeholders to keep their mouths shut. The next anyone will here about this is when Google announce a year from now you can now fly over Google maps and Google street view . LOL I am going back to playing P3D now. LOL
  12. You guys are talking about flour bombing as if it is a Flight Sim invention and only happens in video games. Flour bombing targets on an airfield is a fun event at real recreational aviation events all over the world and has been before there ever where flight simulators. You would use a funnel to fill up a balloon to about twice the size a tennis ball and then from about 500 to 1000 feet drop it out the window trying to hit a target on the ground. I almost competed in such an event. The safety officer at my club suggested it. As the event Organizer I cancelled it because of safety concerns. LOL
  13. Read the first couple of pages of posts in this very interesting thread and if no one commercial entity in the hobby could go it alone and the franchise has been bought by a sole licensee then whatever comes of this it is not going to be for us. It is going to be for the masses! It going to be for gamers. The assumption is that it is a business investment. i.e. the buyer expects to make a profit. If even a group of the biggest 3PD's getting together couldn't afford to buy it what does that say about the Profitability of a serious home entertainment flight simulator for hobbyist or enthusiast? It says it stinks. There is no mass market for the likes of PMDG 737 or 777 or A2A's 172 or Cherokee or a whole earth covered in FTX and there never will be. Whoever bought this bought it to make money. The end product at best will be FS11 with no backwards compatibility at all with FSX addons. We are fortunate that LM take the interest of the hobbyist seriously enough to allow us to tag along. They get a lot of good testers in return for that. Whatever this ends up being, the serious hobbyist is staying with P3D or X-Plane 10. This is a whole bunch of fuss about nothing:-)
  14. As a P3D V2 Professional User I will not be buying it at $80. Now if it was $50 I pick it up in a heart beat. Just bought the Sib Wings AN-2 for $24 bucks and will enjoy that instead:-)
  15. Why is it nuts? Its a simulator! and you can be a test pilot it you want too:-) Granted 1.23 times the stall speed for an airliner is accurate at least I believe for a Boeing. You can try it in different configuration and should find the stall speed is higher the cleaner the aircraft. In fact all airliner manufacturers as well as calculating the theoretical stall speed of an aircraft will practically test it by stalling the aircraft at altitude. I have meet an talked about that very procedure with a real Q400 test pilot:-)
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