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    Old time VA CEO, from back in the days before moving parts in MSFS. Anyone remember AOL's FSRC?
  1. ckyliu, exactly, I agree 100%. And I do still use the old SATA FS ACARS myself just so I don't have to do a lot of writing down of starting fuel, etc. It takes less than a minute and I'm back to readying for a flight. For a while that's what Air Fresno used and the pilots just emailed me the finished flight reports. It was easy.
  2. Air Fresno


    What flight models are you wanting? I haven't painted a plane for FS in maybe 3 years so not sure I'm the guy for the job, but knowing which models you want would be nice to know first.
  3. Air Fresno

    VA's that allow time compression?

    Allowed but with a max of 10 hours logged every 7 days. Pete McKay, CEO Air Fresno Regional
  4. I've been doing this VA thing since 1997, for my own airline and a few others. Other than for a VSWA I flew for about 4 years ago I never used time compression, or bared its use in my own short haul regional airline. There's a lot of things that gripe me about VA's that came about the last 5-6 years, it's one reason now that I don't active pursue recruiting for my own. Besides the time compression deal I've never been big on entrance exams, strict FAR rule flying or complicated ACARS. My experience has been I want to fly for fun, not as a job as many have already voiced. And I really don't want to spend 10 minutes or so logging onto a website or launching some program, just let me file an in program flight plan and let me go. That's one of the reasons I liked flying for VSWA (I know there's several), they were simple and had a simple drop down menu PiRep system. And as much as I DISLIKE RWA's I did like how they operate, no online requirement, no ACARS. I guess that makes makes me really old school but I really don't care. I still fly FS9 and love it 10 years later. Pete McKay, CEO Air Fresno Regional