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  1. Yeah I got Ftx global, much, much, much better.
  2. If the NGX would just get updated, it would be so much better :(
  3. Nope sorry, I have all the complex sceneries and aircrafts, and I have never had any CTD's. I get a constant 40 fps. Try again!
  4. I just got P3D V2, and FSX looks SOOO much better than P3D... P3D looks like crap. I don't understand all this fuss over P3D -There is no home screen... #####? -Graphics are horrible compared to FSX -Frames are worse -Water looks horrible -No OOM improvement -Lack of Addon Compatibility -FSX is like $30 one time fee, P3D is like $300, and $60 for an "academic version" with watermarks and limitations -No missions -P3D has loads of bugs FSX has worked fine, error and OOM free for me since day 1.
  5. That's because the Jetways at FSdreamteam airports are default jetways. Default jetways from FSX always sink in the ground, same with P3DV2. Flightbeam airports, Taxi2gate all do the same thing.
  6. Why is this so amazing? It's a default aircraft... I can do that same thing in FSX..
  7. Why would they even *think* of doing something like this... First, P3D has quite a bit of bugs to sort out, (from the looks of this thread), so they certainly don't need to spend any time modeling Indianapolis. Second, P3D's purpose is to improve things that lack from FSX, (It's basically FSX, but more finished) Like, DX11, shadows... etc. It's not to do stuff like this, they leave this to the developers, just like when FSX was created. And in the unlikely event that P3D ever did "model" Indianapolis, they would probably have to do all the other major hubs too, which is completely missing the point of FSX and P3D.
  8. Well I can get 60 fps Easy in FSX with default anything so..
  9. Can someone tell me what license is the best?? Academic license???
  10. OMG. I am now switching to P3D v2, tomorrow as it comes out!!! This is the new flight sim
  11. Hi, someone told me Digital Aviation was working on a CRJ, but all I don't see any progress from them. They say they are in Beta Testing, but it's been since 2010. Has the project been cancelled? I hope not, a crj for FSX is desperately needed.. Thank you.
  12. I really don't mean to be rude, but those shots don't look very good at all... I can't "do better" by any means, but unless it's freeware, I wouldn't buy it. I think the OP said "Quality" rendition, so, to answer your question, no, none that I am aware of.
  13. A lot of people have been saying that if P3D becomes popular enough PMDG, they will eventually switch. And I didn't mean "Wasted" in that way. If all developers are starting to drift off of FSX for P3D, you WILL switch, leaving all the add ons you flew with FSX "a waste". I mean, do all of you that had FS9 years ago that bought add ons for it, still fly FS9 just for those old add ons?
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