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  1. peter11

    Nashville TN?

    I really don't mean to be rude, but those shots don't look very good at all... I can't "do better" by any means, but unless it's freeware, I wouldn't buy it. I think the OP said "Quality" rendition, so, to answer your question, no, none that I am aware of.
  2. Nope, the purchase source is still from Germany.
  3. FSDT airports are all in that range, same with Flightbeam.. Flytampa. I would say $32 is appropriate. But unfortunately I will never be able to buy this one because my credit card company has blocked all purchases from Germany due to "Fraud".
  4. peter11

    Taxi2Gate Mexico City

    Fspassengers is so un-realistic anyways..
  5. I think we need more Midwest airports Done (Nicely and correctly)... KMSP, KMCI, KMEM..
  6. peter11

    Taxi2Gate Mexico City

    If you go here: It gives you lots of pics of cargo. They need to do a U.S city... New York X by Drzewiecki was horrible, maybe Taxi2gate can use their talents....
  7. peter11

    Taxi2Gate Mexico City

    Sorry!!! With default ultralite I get 60 FPS, with the NGX, I get 35 FPS. My system is: intel core i7-2600K GTX 560Ti GB RAM Windows 7X64
  8. peter11

    Taxi2Gate Mexico City

    Oh duhh!!! I knew that... I thought it was some sort of add-on feature or something.
  9. peter11

    Taxi2Gate Mexico City

    What exactly is crash-detection? Do add ons force it to be on???
  10. peter11

    Taxi2Gate Mexico City

    You must get it mate!!! If you like Taxi2gate, this is the best one yet. The techniques in the scenery to save FPS and lower the VAS are amazing. With autogen at Extremely dense, no fps hit. I never used to think Mexico city was that nice and big and beautiful. But this scenery has totally changed my view!
  11. I recently bought taxi2gate's new MMMX Mexico city Extreme. All I have to say, is that Taxi2gate really has quite a bit of talent on their hands. The amount of autogen around the city (If you turn your autogen to the max) is amazing. With literally zero frame rate hit. And no OOM's either! The airport is really detailed. I would highly recommend this add-on to everyone. Totally worth it. I just wish Taxi2gate would do a U.S city... the majority would want a city i the U.S done. But it's truly an extremely accurate representation of this massive city, and just how stuffed it is!!! I usually don't fly to Mexico, but now I am!! If you want screens let me know!! -Best regards!
  12. To be honest, a 64-bi fsx really doesn't interest me anymore...yes, it would really be nice, but I haven't gotten an oom once in my entire 3 years I flight simming. I fly anywhere I want with any aircraft.., no oom. I like to think of the 32 -bit limit as sort of a barrier, not a negative barrier, but a regulator for me, because if I start stuffing every Addon under the sun inside my flghtsim, my fps drop to horrible levels, and my sim starts crashing.. The limit keeps my sim in check, it keeps my Addons under control. Still, the research for a 64-bit fsx is quite interesting. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  13. peter11

    Longing for NGX SP2

    Yeah I think a update for the Ngx is long due. But even as I still fly it daily I am still amazed at the detail of the plane. I don't think the detail o f the plane needs to be updated, but the systems definitely. Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  14. peter11

    Next PMDG plane, Boeing 727 ?

    I think a 727 would be cool, but not as cool as a more modern plane like the 787 Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk