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  1. Anyone have a copy of ver 27.2 they could dropbox me?
  2. Anyone make any progress? I have almost $900 in hardware and it is worthless at this point. Sent in another nasty email but they never answer. Said I would be showing the sim at the EXPO in 2 weeks and would love it to work.
  3. I to have $900 bucks sitting here on my desktop that will not work with the NGXu. This company drags their feet soooo long in doing updates. Now the AS A330 is out and MSFS2020 is just around the corner. I figure that in a years time I'll have a very expensive dust collector on my desktop that will never catch up to the newest sims. Very unhappy!
  4. I sure would love a set of the com and nav heads, but I need them for P3D v4. waiting....
  5. Great post! I bet you are going to be saying this 1gig more times over the next year lol. I spoke to John and Ed from Orbx in person for a good while at Flight Sim Con 2017 last Saturday. If its in your FTX Central application then its ready for V4 and you can install it....its made for V4. Airports are coming soon BUT not until they are ready. That's a very nice thing they have done with FTX Central. I wish more scenery makers would go that way - 1 click install for everything you own. Quality Wings is developing their new B787 for V4 and the FS packages guys wont make installers until their stuff is ready for V4. I have installed about 40 airports from Flightbeam, FSDT, Flytampa and a few others that were said to be ready and they work just fine. Keep in mind that V4 graphics options have been extended/expanded...running everything to the right is going to slow even the best machine. Its all about finding the right mix for your computer. You'll see scenery makers optimizing textures as they learn. Like Rob said, aircraft are another animal and they must be compiled for 64 bit or they just wont work right. The makers that seem to kick out airplanes every other week are likely to do just enough to get it in V4 for now and maybe truly adapt it later on. But those are the airplanes that are no where near what we have come to expect from PMDG - they were/are "budget" addons from the start. Trying to be nice there. I got a chance to talk to Rob McCarthy, lead programmer for P3D V4. He said there is a whole set of new tools in the SDK for V4 the dev community has to work with. As they learn and see what they can do with those tools we'll see some amazing stuff. Also, after talking with him its clear they support our addon devs to the fullest. I confirmed this with every dev I talked with - they all say LM is the best sim developer they have ever worked with for support. I'm not too worried about the addon guys not doing the right thing. They all want to see what this new animal can do. I think same as aircraft, scenery will makers will mirror what we see now in quality and compatibility. Crap scenery makers will be crap in V4 while the big guys will do their best optimize for V4 so they can sell me more pretty shi....stuff. Doing a reality check, V4 hasn't been out a month and look whats there already. This was not like this when FSX released...not even close.
  6. I too have the MCP/EFIS and FMC apps and was intending to buy their new radio heads a few weeks ago and website has been in rebuild since then. Now that I have v4 and the 747 already in I'm hoping they will get the interface updated fast. I know from a support ticket I did with them in March they have been very busy working an airline contract, but I feel they should let us know whats up here in the support forum. I do have an email for Ricardo in customer support and if I don't see any signs of life in the next few days I'll drop him a note. I know v4 hasn't been out a week yet and I dont expect an instant fix...just a feel good post to let us know all is well.
  7. Great news! We have lots of 747 schedules in our system for current and some legacy carriers. Many of us have been waiting to put our hands on this bird so that we can see it on our flight board! Thanks much from flyvirtual.net
  8. Brian, at FlyVirtual.net we use SmartCars. The client is free and we have many members using the Q400 with no problems. We also have a web form as a backup. We accept "manual" reports for our established pilots pretty much without question on those few occasions when there might be a problem. With several pilots using the latest version of FS Passenger alongside SmartCars we might revisit its ability to link directly with our site as well.
  9. Yep that works...Thanks! In researching this I found some posts on the T7 not showing up properly. Make the tweeks and need to ask ATC and other if they are seeing the acft correctly.
  10. Lost my mic...spent 2 days banging my head....never checked key mapping. Some how I lost the mapping to the yoke button. Problem solved thanks to your comprehensive post. Thanks!
  11. Having the same Problem here. PDMG 747 works ok but in the PDMG 737 or 777 when I hit the menu bar and drop down and select the Inn Control Panel in the it locks FSX up every time. Running windows 7-64 but tried registering the files recommended above but no luck.
  12. Thanks much! Cant understand how I missed that information after hours of searching. Tested using FSUIPC4 for controllers and not sure as it seems not to have a nice fluid motion. Trying to get windows 8.1 upgrade on...having problems with that...to see if that will fix the problem. If not I will set up my SSD with Windows 7 and leave it as a dual boot. I *hate* windows 8 any way. Thanks again! Randy
  13. Picked up T7 a couple of weeks ago and its my new plane of choice for sure! Had some problems but found answers here in the forums for all but one bug. While flying if I jump to another window – outside of FXS -- and back to flight sim I lose my controls. Using Saitek Pro yoke and combat rudder pedals. If I go to the drop down\ set up\controllers they are no longer listed there and I can’t find a way to get them back without ending the flight and starting over. I’ve downloaded fresh drivers and reinstalled. Checked all I can think of. I have the PMDG 747 have no trouble with that at all. The default aircraft are fine as well. Only the T7 has this anomaly. Its on a Windows 8 system, but FSX has been fine so far. I really want to fix it so I can grow into more addons and Vatsim flying. Thanks in advance for any help you offer. Randy Dettmer FNG
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