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  1. Vlooi123

    Moving on

    Hey Jim, I enjoyed your post, put a smile on my face. But yes, so true...
  2. Vlooi123

    P3DV4 I5-4670K and GTX1080

    Stephen, did you delete your p3d.cfg and restart the sim? I run similar setup, and having super performance with sliders full and 4k resolution.
  3. Vlooi123

    Saitek panels in v4

    Spad does not work in p3dv4. It will crash your party. Spad.Next is the only solution that works for me, and very simple to use if you go with the default settings for all panels. No programming needed. Make sure you install version Regards Marius
  4. Vlooi123

    Saitek Quadrants P3DV4

    Thanks Tony, I went through the whole process of the wizard a few times. What I did for the interim is: FSUIPC runs the 3 of 4 quadrants. I had to combine mixtures into one lever. Spad.Next is running the panels (eventually got that to work, no success with the quadrants though). Both software are registered versions. I understand also that there will be growing pains with the new sim, but prepared to fly like this for time being, as it is an amazing sim, and I just cannot go back to v3 lol... Regards Marius
  5. Vlooi123

    Saitek Quadrants P3DV4

    Hi, I'm having a nightmare getting all my Saitek quadrants recognized in P3DV4, maybe somebody has been successful and can help? I am proficient with FSUIPC, bought version 5, installed. Problem is FSUIPC5 only sees 2 of the 3 quadrants, though the sim sees all controllers. I tried the latest spad.Next version, but it only sees my P3DV3, not 4. (Tried quite a few times running the wizard, changing the P3D folder from 3 to 4, but to no avail). Also updated all Saitek drivers. Running all my controllers and quadrants as is in P3DV3 perfectly, without spad.next. Thus, FSUIPC5 sees only 2 of 3 quadrants. Spad.next does not see P3DV4 at all, even though the version of the software is supposed to be v4 compatible. Any help or suggestions appreciated on what I may be doing wrong. Regards
  6. Interesting. I have the exact same problem! Also happened out of the blue about month ago. The BAT switch registers in SPAD, but does not activate the battery inside the sim. I have circumvented the Windows power management situation by de-activating all power saving modes by means of the registry, but no solution. Been thinking if it has got something to do with Creators Update on Windows 10? (Build 15063).
  7. Vlooi123

    P3D V3.3 Black Clouds

    Yes, I had that also. Did the following with success: 1. Uninstall client only. 2. Restart PC. 3. Install client only. 4. Restart PC. 5. Delete contents of the Shaders folder in users/ "your name"/ appdata/ local/ Lockheed Martin/ Prepared v3/ Shaders. 6. Delete prepared v3 config file under users/ "your name"/ appdata/ roaming/ Lockheed Martin/ Prepared v3. 7. Start Prepar3d v3, re-activate and let the config and shaders rebuild itself. 8. When Prepa3d is running, configure your settings again to your taste, and fly... Regards
  8. Vlooi123

    Oculus Rift and P3D

    The 780Ti is slightly faster than the 970, thus it should be good.
  9. Rename your existing v3 folder to v2. Install your Carenado planes, and rename your folder back to v3. I've installed all my "new" Carenado planes like this with no problems.
  10. Vlooi123

    Captain Sim 727 updated to 2.6

    How do you mean? I bought the p3d version of this jet (it was v 2.5). So you're saying if I upgrade my p3d installation from 2.5 to 2.6, they will force me to buy the plane again? Your statement does not make sense.
  11. Vlooi123

    Running P3Dv2.5 under Win10

    Running Win 10 build 10240 64bit (latest) with driver 353.49. Very happy chappy. No problems with my add ons (of which I have quite a few), and any other "funnies" like graphical corruptions, etc. And its super stable.
  12. Jeff, I personally don't think a single 970 will cut it in 4K. You need two of these. This depends obviously on your quality settings in FSX, but no. The only real 4K single cards at this stage is either the Titan X or Radeon Fury X.
  13. Hi denali, it was on a thread I started regarding Win10. Performance improvements may depend on individual builds, but I can tell you guys one thing... My P3Dv2.5 on Win10 build 10162 runs rock solid, no crashes, no incompatibilities with any add-ons I run (scenery, planes, etc), and I want to support the OP, textures does seem clearer. Placebo? I thought so, until mentioned here as well. Windows 8.1 and older will not see me again...
  14. Vlooi123

    Carenado Navajo....bought it.

    Absolutely agree. The Navajo is a beautifully presented plane, and I immediately experienced fantastic flight dynamics, for which their Cessna 337 was so highly praised. This is exactly what I hoped the plane would be. Well done Carenado.