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  1. But, for a lot sadly its about, me, myself and I. And of course conspiricy theory crackpots that make the world a more dangerous place. It's full of them here 🤪
  2. Great looking demo, but the demos for the next iteration of their engine have always been impressive. Really looking forward to the next gen consoles and the output they achive.
  3. Add some cloud shadows and you have a great looking sim.
  4. XP night lighting wins hands down, and there is absolutely no contest. That video does display OTT lighting in XP (via PP) but I would take that over P3D's drab, ancient looking output any day of the week. I don't do night flying very often, but when I do in will always be in XP 😎
  5. I think large parts of the entertainment industry are doing very well from the current situation. I'm sure we are not alone, but we are spending far less overall at the moment and therefore have more disposable income for gaming, films, subscriptions, or whatever, should we wish too. Obviously that is not the case for all, and it depends on the country you live in, and the benefits afforded to you.
  6. The carpet doesn't match the curtains 😁 It looks good at times, and bad at other, as these screens show, where the lighting and colouration of the sky have little, or no, bearing on the terrain. Hopefully it's possible to marry the two for better results. Cloud shadows would help, but they seems impossibly subtle, or non existent, so that really needs a fix. Still, not a bad effort for a default atmospheric environment, but lots of work needed, especially if they want to get anywhere near close to MSFS.
  7. Yes!... The in-sim HDR is not the same as screen/panel HDR. Its more a simulation of 'true' HDR that many games have used for years, and long before screens with HDR were available. So, you don't need an HDR capable display to use P3D's HDR setting; its something totally different, and gives you more control of in-game visual settings.
  8. Yes, these are superb sky textures. I would also recommend these http://1coder.ru/SKY/screens.html I find REX textures even from Texture Direct to not work well with P3D's HDR especially the dawn/dusk textures. Both above work really well though.
  9. Wow! this is great thank you. I love your stuff and the support you give the products. Keep up the great work :)
  10. Amazing shots sightseer. I will certainly try you textures when available.
  11. Yes, that is some great city scenery.
  12. I just tried forcing it to On, and using Auto, and I can now use it without XP crashing, so something has changed. I'm not sure whether its XP, or the latest drivers, or Windows Creative, but the errors have gone. I need to test more, but forcing it on may have given me a small gain in performance, and certainly no stuttering as before.
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