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  1. Novation

    Why is P3D v3 so dark?

    Yes!... The in-sim HDR is not the same as screen/panel HDR. Its more a simulation of 'true' HDR that many games have used for years, and long before screens with HDR were available. So, you don't need an HDR capable display to use P3D's HDR setting; its something totally different, and gives you more control of in-game visual settings.
  2. Novation

    Why is P3D v3 so dark?

    Yes, these are superb sky textures. I would also recommend these I find REX textures even from Texture Direct to not work well with P3D's HDR especially the dawn/dusk textures. Both above work really well though.
  3. Novation

    The VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX

    Wow! this is great thank you. I love your stuff and the support you give the products. Keep up the great work :)
  4. Amazing shots sightseer. I will certainly try you textures when available.
  5. Novation

    LAX-SAN photo shoot, LH 747-430M

    Elegant captures.
  6. Novation

    Over Toronto

    Yes, that is some great city scenery.
  7. Novation

    Amsterdam to Manchester

    Very nice set HL :)
  8. Novation

    Threaded optimisation

    I just tried forcing it to On, and using Auto, and I can now use it without XP crashing, so something has changed. I'm not sure whether its XP, or the latest drivers, or Windows Creative, but the errors have gone. I need to test more, but forcing it on may have given me a small gain in performance, and certainly no stuttering as before.
  9. I went from a GTX670 2GB to the GTX1060 6GB and am very happy with the card, especially given its pricepoint. Obviously the 1070 will perform substantially better, certainly in other games, but for running XP and P3D 1080p the GTX1060 seemed to offer more than enough at this point, and given the rest of my hardware - i5 2500K @4.4ghz - 8GB RAM - it seemed the best fit. Typically in XP11 I'm seeing an average of 30fps. This is using light GA stuff, and mostly bush type flying, so rarely into large cities, or complex airports and fairly low altitude. I use xEnviro for weather and ortho4XP for scenery at ZL17 at the settings below. PQ and frames seems decent over this typical scene flying over Cork Ireland. To me its an okay card, but go for the best you can afford.
  10. Novation

    XEnviro not working?

    I'm on the latest public, and fully updated, release of WIn10 Creative (home) and have no problems with xE or anything else for that matter. I did have some non FS niggles after the initial up date to CE so did a re-install using the ISO which corrected all the problems (mostly relating to the start menu and items being blank) I had.
  11. Novation

    Best cloud package for P3D

    As a long time (and that is day one on most of their range) REX supporter, I now have to say I much prefer ASCA, with their revised structures and textures that match the stuff from REX and go several steps forward IMHO. You can use the ASCA structures with any other textures of course, but the ones supplied are as good as anything out there, with an amazing weather engine to boot. REX have dragged their feet too long in giving us their new, long promised, product (I would say FUD) so they have now lost me to Hi-Fi and others who seems to work hard to make great products without the BS. Skyforce, or whatever it was called will not be bought by me now. There are some great freeware clouds (and sky's far exceeding REX) and other decent payware (ENVTEX for one) package to choose from as well.
  12. Novation

    Why is P3D v3 so dark?

    That is fair enough. I've tried many presest, and I don't like Adam's very much, for the reasons stated, and that is with various sky textures. I would simply say there are better ones out there if your going to try one, but best of all take a little time to learn and make you own; which, OK may not be for everyone, but you'll get far more out of it in the long run.
  13. Novation

    six recent P3Dv3 shots

    That's great, thank you. I think those clouds looks fantastic, and as good as anything payware I've seen.
  14. Novation

    Why is P3D v3 so dark?

    NO!!! don't. Learn to use it yourself (yes, it takes some time) and make a preset that works for you. Adam's preset are reasonable, but look cartoonish/gamey, with odd at sunrise and sunsets, as the clouds have odd over-bright values; there are far better ones out there. PTA is a great tool, so do not limit yourself to someone preset, other than a starting point.
  15. Novation

    six recent P3Dv3 shots

    Oh yes! very nice indeed. Edit. By the way, do you share your cloud textures, which look superb? I would love to try them if you do, but fully understand if you don't wish to give them away :)