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  1. I'm 100% with you Noel... We need a radical change of our ways to preserve what we have, rather than stupid dreams of relocating to another, even more inhospitable planet, which is Sci Fi geek nonesence. Nowhere in our solar system can host us in any sort of sustainible way... we need to ******* look after what we have FFS! Anything else is the stuff of madmen.
  2. Heard it here on the Somerset/Devon border. It was impressively loud, in a way you could feel it through your entire body. I've heard many sonic booms, but this sounded more like a huge explosion and we feared the worst for a while, assuming a terrible accident.
  3. You should have got Exodus instead, as I recommended some time ago. That is a tense and atmospheric game, where you can tackle each zone very much at your own pace and in your own way, as it works more like an open world structure and is more akin to STALKER. 2033 is an okay game, but very much old school by comparison. If you can grab it cheap, don't be put off by 2033. The AI are far more convincing even if it is smoke and mirrors. AI is becoming the greatest immersion killer is we move forward. Graphics are becoming so very good, that the actions of NPC's is ever more jarring. I'm very glad I avoided Cyberpunk as the devs basically lied about the content and ability of their game systems. It's a great looking title on a high end PC, but it's a hollow experience in so many ways, especially as an open world environment.
  4. Very funny, and obviously quite revealing 🤣
  5. Sincere condolences to you and your family Noel. Keep safe.
  6. Joke post? It has to be. Your missing a smiley though. 🤪
  7. It looks really good, and far better than the unrealistic slab we had before. Some people need to look up from their screens and take a look at the real world sometimes 🤣
  8. Same here. I'm now locking my frame rate rather than un-capped and the effect is very smooth motion, without judder. Locking to 33fps, which I know is a strange number is giving me, a near perfect, and stutter free output that other frame rates did not - 30fps was slightly messy. Running dev mode shows an almost spike free trace, and the motion blur makes panning look far more natural. Not that I whip my viewpoint around like a loon, but that little persistence helps to fill in the frames giving the illusion of a much higher fps. The other upside of locking lower, with blur enabled is a much more relaxed and cool PC, so I'm very happy with this new option. Exactly. It's bizzare why some feel the need to complain about something they don't have to use 🤪
  9. A great combo OND and I love the colour of that Spit.
  10. These are ace! I must give the scenery a try and take a flight here.
  11. Like others I would like to see more wave response to much lower wind speeds, and maybe a separate wave slider, as ocean waves are not only dependant on local wind speeds, but are affected by what is happening hundreds of miles away.
  12. A couple over the coastal edge of Northern Ireland.
  13. I feel the grain in more apparent than before, but, not just in clouds, as I see this dithering in shadows more as well. I wonder if it's due the the extra sharpening that seems to have been added to the TAA? To me everything is a touch over-sharp now.
  14. This is the only thing I'm not keen on and prefer the old implementation of TAA. I'm finding things over-sharpened now, and maybe because I'm using a 1080p res, which is making edges seem a little jagged. I may see what it's like with sharpening turned off in the cfg, which was too soft before. Otherwise I'm happy with this new release.
  15. If people feel so inclined, you can download bloat free drivers from Guru.3d in the drivers forum. All the unnecessary junk is removed for you. https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/457-09-clean-version.433367/
  16. I did seem to lose a chunk of performance upon first starting a flight from my usual test airport, down to around 40fps from my normal 50fps, but after around 30 mins of flying and restarting the flight frame rates were back to 50fps. Maybe some caching going on upon first run that settles when given time. I was also using the new nv driver for the first time with the sim, after nuking the old set, so maybe shader rebuilding in the equation as well.
  17. Wow! this looks fantastic 😲 Off to give it a try. What a time to be a simmer 😊
  18. Thank you very much Robert. I downloaded and took it for a spin yesterday, and had a lovely flight starting at Orbx rendition of Darrington Muni. Your work is much appreciated.
  19. It's more expensive, although there might be some deals to be had, but, get Metro Exodus instead. It has a similar vibe to Stalker, and features large open areas, which though not true open world, as you travel to new regions by train, each section is vast, allowing you to tackle the missions in different ways and at your own pace. It's also an amazing graphics showcase, but, it scales well across hardware specs. I got lucky with Epic Games, as they were giving away £10 to redeem on any game if you downloaded Rocket League, which is a free game anyway 😆 and they had an offer on Exodus of £17.99 so it only cost me £7.99, which was a bargain, but it's still worth paying a good price for.
  20. Crazy detail, and very cool shots. But, yeah, they need to get their strimmers out in this neighbourhood..
  21. Amazingly well crafted video. Great showcase for the sim as well, that makes me want to go and fire it up right now 😀
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