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  1. Ravik521

    Blank/ frozen gauges

    updating FSUIPC did nothing but bring my framerates to a crawl. So, I did a clean install AGAIN of FSX and PMDG. Also picked up REX. I have disabled winds in FSX, ill try disabling it in REX too.Any other suggestions? and i bought it straight from PMDG
  2. Ravik521

    Blank/ frozen gauges

    I'll give it a try tonight however I don't see how it could be a problem, since everything. Worked fine before. And I'm not thrilled with pmdg support. Very absent!
  3. Hey guys, experiencing freeIng/ blank gauges in vc. In the 2d cockpit sometimes the gauges blank out too. I know about the tower view bug, and have been avoiding. Have the latest service packs of fsx and pmdg 747. I'm in despair, as in when the gauges in the vc freeze the LNAV AND VNAV do not follow the fmc. Please help. Already started a ticket with pmdg but they haven't replied in several days. It could be an activation issue, although purchased legally. I did a clean install of fsx and service packs and of pmdg 747, with the same error. Even when I don't cycle views the same thing happens. Any input? Pmdg support is.. Dissatisfactory at this point.. , Ravi