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  1. djlassmann

    TO/GA on 747-400

    Alex's information about the TA/GO spot is correct although it's probably a rivet and not a screw. However you do not have to select LNAV or VNAV modes. You do have to have your flaps setting correct. If you don't the plane won't go in Thrush Ref mode and you'll have to adjust the throttle controls manually. It is also nice to have the trim setting set correctly.
  2. djlassmann

    Programming Flight Plan in FMC

    Try . I have used this a lot and it works quite well. It will create the files for you but you then have to save and/or copy them to the correct folders in you FS installation. To load into you FMC you have to enter the flight plan name (without the .rte extension) into the scratchpad and then enter it into CO ROUTE (RLSK6). Your flight plan file would be KEWREGLL.rte and you would enter KEWREGLL into the scratch pad and then click RLSK6.
  3. I have noticed that this happens sometimes, not if I've saved a flight, but when I want to create a new once. I select the airport I want as a origin and then go to Fly Now. When the flight starts I sometimes find myself in a cold and dark state. My workaround was to save a warm and lit panel state once I got the 747 going. After that I can always get out of a dark and cold situation by loading the warm and lit saved state. Someone could post a warm a lit state for anyone to load. If you want to download mine it is at for now. It is only a 10KB file.
  4. djlassmann

    PMDG 747 co-route problem(fmc)

    I like to use the planner at . For the PMDG B747 it will create a .rte flight plan. Here are the steps I use: 1. select desired file format. For you it will be .rte(PMDG) 2. enter the departure and destination codes (4 letter airport codes) 3. choose your Airac Cycle (find it in your FMC init/ref ident page) 4. select your altitude min. and max. or use the default values 5. select route level or use default value 6. select your aircraft Boeing 747 (PMDG) the blue Create plan button 8. scroll down past the map and click on go to files 9. right click on the filename with the .rte extension 10. choose save link as.... 11. save the file to your PMDG/FLIGHTPLANS folder (a subfolder of your FS installation 12. in FS open your FMC and click on the RTE button 13. enter in the name of the file you just saved (without the extension) into the sratchpad 14. click on the RLSK3 button (next to the dashed line under CO ROUTE) 15. click on the RLSK6 button (activate) 16 click on the lit EXEC button Your company route has now been entered into your FMC as the active flight plan.
  5. djlassmann

    PMDG 747-400X Save Panel State Menu

    I had the same problem with Windows 7. Saved games also failed to load with panel states. The solution was to open windows explorer, right click on my FSX installation folder [c:program files (x86)/microsoft games/microsoft flight simulator x] and open properties to the security tab. Here I changed the permissions to full control for everyone (meaning me). Cheers from David (djlassmann).