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  1. Hello everyone! First let me say that it has been a few years since I stepped away from simming but it's good to be back. After days if setting up my new rig, purchasing all of the latest goodies and tinkering, I am very satisfied. The ORBX scenery is always a nice treat for the eyes and I have tweaked FSX for DX10. I don't know if it's these old eyes or my imagination but everything looks a bit smoother yet a bit more detailed. The aircraft skins and windows gleam in the sunlight. The shadows, water, haze and sun sets are just something to behold. While there are lots of textures out there, I chose the Rex4 stuff to go with. After realizing that Microsoft no longer has real world weather, there went another 50 bucks on Active Sky Next. After the rig build and software purchases, it made annual inspections on my Bonanza look like Girl Scout cookie money LOL! Well enough babbling. I just wanted to introduce myself and thank so many of you for your posts in the other forums. Your information and postings helped me find my way back to simming and to choose the right goodies. I have never been a screen shot guy and after comparing these to the ones you guys post, these are definitely nothing special. None the less and at the risk of embarrassing myself, I took a few just for giggles. Well giggles and to learn how to embed them... Bruce