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  1. When my stick rotation is centered it reads it as 1 off to the left. There is full motion but when flying a helicopter it is quite annoying. I have tried calibrating many times with no success. Can anybody help??? This is extremely annoying and my stick is older than the warranty.
  2. Wicked Ac3GuNn4

    PMDG 737 AIRAC Updates.

  3. Wicked Ac3GuNn4

    PMDG 737 AIRAC Updates.

    Hello, I am kind of new to the flight sim scene. I recently decided to purchase the PMDG 737NGX after many people saying it is very good. Is there any free way to update my AIRAC files and keep them up to date? If not than are there any cheep ways to do this (like $5 or less). Thanks!!