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  1. PW4090

    747-400F KSDF depature

    Thank you for the reponse. I have done further digging and found that these are specific SIDS to ups. These SIDS are not included in navigraph updates. I guess I will have to use passenger SIDS instead.
  2. I am trying to fly real world ups routes out of KSDF using the 747-400F. My problem concerns entering the departure into the FMC. I am using flightaware to acquire the flight plans and the flights begin with either SDHYK1 or SDCVG1. I am confused as to what these abbreviations mean. I know they are not SIDs so do i just skip this entry and go directly to the first waypoint afterwards or am i missing something. Any help would be appreciated. A flight i am trying is from KSDF-KPHL. I know this is normally not flown by a 747 but i found to be a short flight to familiarize my self with the plane.
  3. I am trying to find this aircraft version my francois dore. Several sites have said its terrific for freeware. I have found other versions on other sites but not this one. another forum had a link that sent me to the avsim library to download this files but the server said it no longer exists. Any suggestions on where else I may try to find it thnks. After futher reading on project airbuses site, I found the author had to remove the file and will reupload it soon due to a copyright error. Sorry to jump the gun, disregard the previous post