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  1. No labels for AI aircraft anymore?
  2. Not working for me at all no matter where I go.
  3. Accidentally said "yes" to MS2000 thinking it said 2020. FS2000 never worked right. Subtract one "yes" vote from that.
  4. I'm currently flying KSAN-KLAX and I have no live weather. Not even SoCal. Disappointing.
  5. And I am wondering still how to get the panel to disappear to get the nose camera-type view. I used to just hit "w".
  6. I gave up on even using the close program button. I just go right for process explorer and close it that way. Very few things work right on this sim as far as I can tell. I spend 1-6 hours or even more daily just trying to fix things to make a flight. Things work one day, I change absolutely nothing, and the next day, something new is broken. Hoping MSFS 2020 is better but I am not getting my hopes up.
  7. I can't even find the main p3d config file. It should not be this difficult to find things. Why can't they put all files in the same folder and not have us jumping all around constantly? Just sayin...
  8. Doesn't apply to me and I have the same problem. OP posted this Jan 1st and still no solution? I have had about enough of this program. One problem after another. Every morning I try to make a flight and it's always something not working right that takes a long time to fix. I'm just going to wait for FS2020. hopefully it won't have this many problems. Very disappointing.
  9. Me too. I've had enough of simulators. Just wasted a boatload of money on ORBX and P3Dv4 and I can't even select an airport. To hell with it. I'm looking for a new hobby. After 35 years on sims, I'm DONE.
  10. Hey, thanks a lot you guys. I'm expecting a bit of money to come my way soon, so hopefully I'll be able to follow your suggestions. Good stuff and a fast response. Thanks again! And those Jetline systems look sweeet. A
  11. Having just landed at LLBG using freeware scenery, I was getting 2fps. I could barely control the plane after a 4 hour flight due to this. I managed to land, shut it down, and then move every single slider to zero, and still 2fps. This Dell I have doesn't seem to be up to the task after apparently wasting my money on it. Dell XPS 8910 with Intel Core i7-6700 with 3.4ghz and a Geforce GTX750ti card. So I would like to know exactly how much I need to spend to get this working smoothly. I've been using sims for 35 years and have yet to be able to afford a computer capable of handling what i need to run which is: World terrain mesh, WOAI traffic, MAIW traffic, hundreds of payware airports, full ORBX products, and PMDG study-level aircraft with all sliders on full. I have read much about this topic here and elsewhere but none seem to really answer the question: What computer in this world is capable of doing this? How much do I need to spend to get this working? Would 10k do it? Is there even a computer on the market currently that can handle this, or no? If you had endless amounts of cash and could buy any computer for your sim, what would it be? I am so sick of this not running smoothly. I am not a big P3D fan due to it looking like daytime at night and everytime you buy addons, LM comes out with a new version that won't work right. Too many tweaks to get it running, migration BS, etc... And XP11 with no seasons changing is out for me. I gotta have seasons even though I like the sim, but also there is no PMDG and its still lacking all the airport addons like FSX has currently. Anyway... Thanks, A
  12. I've found most all problems like these come from having insufficient processor and video card and trying to do too much with it. You pretty much need to spend no less than 2k on a computer alone not counting monitor and other stuff, has been my 35 year experience dealing with FSX and later P3D. And XP11 is off the charts on my rig. Anything less and you are stuck running FSX/P3D default everything with no terrain mesh, no/few airport add-ons and AI traffic, and all settings set in the basement. I recently bought ORBX Base, Vector and NA LC, and it slowed me to a crawl with constant freeze ups and CTDs. I spend about 98% of the time trying to get my sim working right and 2% actually using it. So that was a waste of money.
  13. I've looked all over the web for an active VA for Aeroflot and have found only one questionable one: https://va-afl.su/ I signed up and was accepted but I see no way to contact anyone there nor any type of ACARS/SMARTCARS. Is this the only Aeroflot VA for FSX/P3D in the universe? I find that quite odd. I've been wanting to start exploring Russian airports and flights. I guess I can use good ol' Worldwide Virtual if there are no actual Aeroflot VAs. A
  14. I don't understand where everyone is finding this bufferpool setting. I have searched all over the fsx.cfg file and like the OP said, I have no such entry of poolsize, or any other related entry. Using FSX-SE. AG
  15. It's not that difficult.
  16. I have only had the same problem you describe when using the Aerosoft Airbus when there is a cloud layer underneath me. Very hard to fly, the autopilot will even disconnect. When I shut off ASN, the problem stops. Never did find a fix for it. I only use an unregistered copy of FSUIPC, so there's not much I can do with that, but I believe I read this problem is related to FSUIPC. But it doesn't do this with any other aircraft, just the 'bus.
  17. Much thanks, Henry. I searched this site and absolutely nothing came up.
  18. Not sure where to put this question. I'm just wondering if there is a current list of Orbx freeware airports. I've found several but they are quite old. Thanks, A
  19. I had to do a full Windows 10 re-install and then re-install FSX. Seems to be working now. Thanks, Jim.
  20. I delete my scenery.cfg file and it tells me it's now missing and to re-install FSX. Steam edition. I cannot count the number of problems I have had with flight sims over the last 20 years. WOAI installer is the devil. The scenery.cfg file is a nightmare. I have spent way more time trying to fix this thing than I ever have flying it. I dont know if its a computer problem, a program problem or a user problem due to my ignorance in computer programming. I am very near giving up the hobby forever and taking up basket weaving or some equally boring thing. Ive tried P3D (daylight sky/white clouds at night, major problems with addons as LM likes to change everything every year), XP11 (no seasons, parked aircraft floating above the ground, no PMDG). So Im left with this ancient FSX 32-bit piece of no-working junk. Oh well, maybe in another 20 years, someone will have this thing figured out once and for all, however I'll be in a retirement home by then. End rant.
  21. www.flydeltavirtual.org
  22. So it seems that the file: FSCFSXCFG.exe no longer exists anywhere on the internet? I have searched and searched. Andrew G
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