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  1. I am starting to have so many problems with FSX that I can't keep up. Having had so many problems, I decided to install P3Dv4. Whoops. Editvoicepack wouldn't work, even after using the latest one for v4. I was at KORD and the radio said I was in Tahitti or some strange place. The commo ATC-to-pilot and visa versa was barking out strange numbers and letters, instead of "taxi to rwy 12" etc... My FSX was messed up too, at least, it went back to the slowest voice setting. I went back to an older version and I keep getting this same error. Now both P3D and FSX are screwed. P3dv4 with the erratic, insensible ATC chatter, and FSX with the slow voice that I can't fix because now EVP won't even load, due to the below-posted error. Every morning I set up a flight around 7am, liking morning flights, and I get some kind of error. I sit until at least noon trying to figure it out. I just want a flight that loads and works without CTDs all the time. Very frustrating and I am about to end my 30+ year use of flight simulators. So, any idea what this means? I didnt even know how to search for the answer. http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GB2k Thanks, AG
  2. Thanks for that. Here's the pic: http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GBig The sceneries showing are ones I added after they were all not showing this morning. If I go to the airport in the sim, nothing is amiss. All sceneries are present. Just wondering why they are not here.
  3. All of my airports in the scenery library are coming up blank. I can't read which is which. If I knew how to post a pic here, I would but I see no such icon to do this. All the sceneries are there, there is just no title.
  4. Thanks for the comments above. They almost sucked me in too. AG
  5. Thanks, It was the 'moving it to the top to make it the next waypoint' was my trouble, I was on the legs page clicking away at the fix and the EXEC button was lighting up but when I pressed it I was getting nothing. Looking forward to trying this flight again tonight. I Thanks again, iwebber/Ian, Andrew
  6. I was making a flight on mynew Level-D B767 last night from KMIA to LIMC. There was a tight turn in the SID and the plane blew past the fix. I tried to get it to bypass the fix and go on to the next one, but I could not figure out how to do this on the FMC. I ended up doing circles around the Bahamas and ended up aborting the flight. How do I make it proceed on to the next fix, or any other future fix, for that matter? Thanks, Andrew
  7. Old topic, but my test airport is KTNT Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport west of Miami. Originally built for supersonic aircraft when everyone thought that was going to be the future.
  8. Does anyone know what default AIRAC cycle was in use when the latest FSXSE was released? I ask this so I can obtain charts for this time period, if even possible. I have no need to update AIRAC cycles and charts all the time as per how I fly on the sim. Thanks, Andrew
  9. Yes, I have a nice way of killing threads. I'll quit posting if I'm bothering everybody. Apologies. Maybe I can find a more friendly site somewhere else. I'll figure it out on my own, I guess.
  10. Yes, that was meant as a closing statement. It's a long way, but I guess I could go over to the proper forum.
  11. So I suppose it doesn't work using P3Dv3, right?
  12. I certainly have a way with killing a thread, it seems.
  13. Of course I am kidding, but if I had the money, I certainly would, and may save up for it, anyway. ha
  14. I recently read that the P3D registry should not be messed with like was able in FSX/FS9. Kinda worried about messing things up even more.
  15. Oh yes, just noticed this was from my OP when I had FS9. Apologies. The auto installer allows me to select a package, but when I select the 2nd box below where to install it (it says FS2004 path) when the folder opens it then says "Select WOAI package" and it sees no packages in the P3D folder of course. Shouldn't when I select "FS2004 Path" allow me to pick what folder I want it installed in? And I cannot even select the option that says "Target". It is blanked out. Is there a seperate FSX installer I am not aware of? Am I using a FS9 installer when I should be using the FSX one? I thought there was only one. I must have some kind of major registry problems going on. IDK. I am about through with this headache. It's been going on off and on for at least five years.
  16. If anyone who is using WOAI using all the packages could send me a copy of their main woai.cfg file found in the main folder, it would be appreciated. I'm using P3Dv3, if it makes any difference. Not sure if this will solve anything though as I'm programming-stupid. Thanks. Or at least someone please point me to instructions as to how to point the WOAI installer so that my aircraft folders do not end up in the WOAI installer folder or elsewhere. After running the auto install today, it seemed to be working all of a sudden, only that not one of the a/c folders ended up in my P3D folder (where I do have a fsx.exe icon) but in the WOAI installer folder for some reason. All I want to know is how to point this stupid thing to the proper folder. I have the P3D main folder installed on my desktop, not in x86 Program Files as per previous suggestions, here. (Win 8.1) And I searched my whole computer and no woai.cfg file was even found, so I don't know where that went. I don't really want to install all 200+ packages manually.
  17. Well, there's no "going back" unless I want to go out and just buy Windows 7. I might just buy a whole new computer, go back to 7 and install FS9, since we are ten years away from anything working in P3Dv3. At least for me it doesn't. Maybe I could hire one of you smart fellas to fly you out here and fix everything for me. That might be the best idea, yet. I'm getting so frustrated after years of trying to get things to work right, I'm willing to pay ten grand just to have a working flight sim.
  18. So it is not a matter of simply adding the woai.cfg file information to the main woai.cfg file? I spent all last night copying and pasting one airline after another onto the main woai.cfg file and overwriting all aircraft folders as I dumped them into the simobjects folder. I have to manually change all the individual aircraft config files in each aircraft folder??? Man this will take the rest of my life if this is the case. I never have been able to get the autoinstall to work. It always puts folders where they dont go. I find them in my documents folder, in my C: folder, all over except in the flightsim folder. I put my P3D main folder not in program Files x86 folder but on the desktop as I am running win 8.1. Maybe this has everything to do with it, but it is my guess that the WOAI installer just sucks. Of course it works fine for all of you, but for someone that has my bad luck, it surprises me not one bit. I guess I'll get started on the manual install, one file at a time.Maybe I'll be done before retirement age. <sigh>
  19. I just now seen this post, almost two years later. My FS9 worked for awhile using Win8, but I guess my computer fell apart or something and eventually, FS9 quit working altogether in Win8 or 8.1, whatever it is now... I installed P3Dv3 so I now have a whole new bunch of problems. Still, on the same computer, still unable to use WOAI installer on auto. Maybe it's this junk Toshiba laptop, idk. P3D works fine on it, it's just I am unable to: 1. Fly online using any pilot client. 2. Use MAIW sceneries 3. Change AI aircraft labels using config 4. Use most utility addons. Yesterday, WOAI was working using manual extraction, but today it quit working with all attempts trying everything. I managed to install most US airlines, but nothing works now. I get the same irritating error window that WOAI is so notorious for. I guess I gotta wait another 25 years until someone is smart enough to figure all of this FS mess out. Not me. I'm just an average, stupid, Joe. Or what, buy a new $6000 computer so everything will run properly. One or the other. Too late to go get a degree in computer science, so I can invent my own flight simulator.
  20. Since there is nowhere to get a complete WOAI Fedex package, or any other, I am wondering how difficult it is to make a new one. I have never attempted anything like this and have zero experience with repaints, but I am so fed up with not having Fedex in my flightsim world, I am thinking about trying to create a whole new package from scratch. Where would I begin? Can the general design idiot like myself undertake such a product or is this something a guy needs much experience with? Thanks, Andrew
  21. Wanting to go to sleep for a hundred years so I can wake up to the ultimate home flight simulator.

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