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  1. Not having any luck using P3Dv3. But I am not having any luck getting anything to run in P3Dv3 add-on wise.
  2. But what about the aircraft label config problem? I cant get mine to save so that it will show airline and flight plan.
  3. Yup. Same problem here. You can't change the config file to show AI aircraft flightplan or airline. Very frustrating and it takes a lot of the fun out of it for me. But I guess the intention of LM is not "fun", from what I've read. I have P3Dv3 and I cant get anything to work. I cant fly on VATSIM or IVAO, I cant use many addon programs. I got WOAI working but MAIW for military bases and aircraft is totally incompatible (more fun gone for me) and this was my favorite part about using FS9. But to not even be able to adjust the config to show something as simple as aircraft labels as you want them, is just ridiculous. I'm skeptical and I doubt this problem will be addressed by LM any time soon. I am starting to think I screwed up buying P3D. I never liked FSX and I hate the feel of XPX. We need a new flight sim that is totally reworked from the ground up using all of the great tech that has come out as of late. I thought P3D might be it until I learned it was based on Microsoft outdated technologies. I guess we gotta wait another ten years, at least.
  4. Yeah this is working great in P3Dv3 so far.
  5. Thanks a lot man. I'll give it a try.
  6. Thanks for responding or at least pointing me to what I need to know. I can't find anything on this.
  7. I think I'll just wait for the movie to come out lol.
  8. So what happened to the list? I was wanting to install the latest freeware airport package from the ORBX website. Is there no longer a list of the airports included?
  9. I've been using computers since about 1980, and you guys make me feel like a complete idiot. lol How and where did you guys learn all of this stuff?
  10. I tried installing SB 4.0 on P3D without ever having FSX installed; only FS9 (uninstalled). It says it cannot find any microsoft flight sim product. Of course, because there is none. Am I even using the right SB version for P3Dv3 on Win8.1?
  11. I am trying to install Squawkbox 4 on P3Dv3. It is telling me that a valid version of FSX, FS2002 or FS9 cannot be found on my system. I have P3D installed in a folder outside the default one. I thought SB worked in P3D. Win 8.1 running here. I never owned or used FSX, only FS9 and I deleted it all when 8.1 no longer ran FS9. How do I get SB to recognize P3D? Thanks.
  12. Yes, I'll never buy a computer with W8 again. It has totally wrecked my FS-ing. I'm just deleting anything to to do with flight sim on my computer, after spending about a grand on add-ons. I can't fly in empty skies, I hate VATSIM and online flying so I have had enough of this headache. WOAI installer blows. Sorry if you disagree.
  13. Boy this is infuriating me. I am about ready to give someone a thousand bux to fly to NM and fix this problem for me.
  14. Oh I found I guess i have to go through each aircraft .cfg file and add the texture folders on? That should take a year.
  15. OK all WOAI a/c are in the FS9 a/c folder with texture folders. All traffic.bgls are in world scenery folder (yes in the right spot). All AI sliders cranked up, AFCAD installed. Still no traffic showing. Of course using the WOAI installer isn't working as i put my main FS9 folder outside of program files and Im using Win 8, so all that pain there. I used to have AI working on here but after I had to completely reinstall FS9, no AI again. I get only a few airlines showing up. I go to KORD at 9am on a Friday morning and only see on Paki Airliner and a few American Eagle planes. Ive tried multiple airports and multiple times of day and week. Not much showing up. Any ideas? I'm not really up to reading through volumes of posts yet again to solve this. I can't select "save" on EDITVOICEPACK either if that is related.
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