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  1. z1lv1n4s

    Intercepting the localizer on a Jet

    Thanks for answering guys! This is all very interesting. I wonder what the real world approaches are and if there's always plenty of time to catch the localizer even in heavy winds. I assume there's no regulations from the airports how quickly you have to do it @jeroen79: thanks! your picture really helped me visualize how it could easily be calculated even with wind. might be a silly question but how do you know how far exactly you are from the localizer landing course? @fppilot: I've not practiced flying jets much. Just a few lessons with Rod and trying to pass the ATP checkride .. Tried landing it manually a few times. I kind of know the basics of it but the execution requires practice I just wanted to know how in general pilots go about catching the localizer is it just an acquired skill or somehow quickly calculated..
  2. I believe it overrides those settings. The manual for AS2012 says you can disable them completely. Manual for ASN did not mention anything
  3. Hey all, I've been learning to fly by following Rod Machado's lessons. I'm now trying to pass the ATP checkride. I'm able to catch the localizer but I want to figure it out is it possible to do it very precisely and accurately every time and possibly only using the autopilot heading. I found this article online by Rod Machado where he explains there's no precise way of doing it. However I don't feel satisfied .. I guess I am interested what calculations can be made to decide when to turn to intercept the localizer and how steeply. Any guidance appreciated Thanks!
  4. z1lv1n4s

    Good beginner's aircraft (free)

    I was like you. I've started 2 months ago but have been playing a lot. At first I could hardly land a Skyhawk just like you.. I've went through the Lessons with Rod Machado in the learning center and now I'm trying to land a Boeing 737 .. Flying and landing a Cessna now feels like it almost hangs in the air So yeah do the lessons, some of them are buggy, you can find videos on youtube how to complete checkrides.. You probably already have one but a joystick is obviously going to help with landings. And then just keep practicing and you'll get a lot better. As for the planes. In the lessons after you finish your instrument ratings checkride you can go for the commercial pilot licence. This is where you learn about constant speed propellers and get to fly a Beechcraft Baron 58 a with twin engines. Baron lands at about 90 knots where a Cessna lands at about 60 so it will definitely feel faster and less mobile. If you have the money .. You can get a Real Air Duke v2 which should feel very familiar to the Baron. Also consider some even more complex propeller planes like Aerosoft Twin Otter or Majestic Q400 ..