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  1. Why do you keep quoting 14 US dollars? !?

    Snap out of it thats just plain wrong!



    I got it for $14.10 USD on April 13th...  ($18.35 AUD)


    The FlightSim Store


    Order Number: 367661

    Date Ordered: Monday 13 April, 2015




    1 x Orbx - FTX: Trees HD (ORB-101) = AUD$18.35

    Delivery Option Instant Download

    License Type Regular End User


    Sub-Total: $18.35

    Total: $18.35


    Senior discount 20%...      :ph34r:

  2. I would just say goodbye and wish you the best with a sim you find to your liking...   I did and the sim I left was FSX and the sim I am liking is P3Dv2.4.  Each to his own.  


    There is plenty of info in forums for P3D tweaks and hardware.  Just look at the contributions from Rob and many others. That is not Lockheeds/P3D's job for us many "academic" users.  Just my honest opinion.  


    Cheers and happy flying...  :-)  

  3. I live in Winthrop, WA.  We have had multiple fires, including the largest fire in the history for the state of Washington this last month. Here are a couple of videos of some large planes making the drops...   smile.gif


    DC10 dropping fire retardant over here a few weeks ago in Twisp/Winthrop... Goodness that is a BIG PLANE!



    C130 (I think) dropping right overhead...

  4. FYI, Looks like we will be getting another patch to fix a new bug in terrain shadows...



    Quote from Beau on August 19, 2014, 09:24
    We found the issue with terrain shadow casting.  We changed some variable names in the terrain shader and missed a few entries.  Looking at it now, I'm a bit surprised the shader compiled.  It would best to keep terrain casting disabled until we can put out an update.



  5. Patch installed fine for me. "Computing Space Requirements" part does take a while. I had deleted some of the old cfg files and let them be rebuilt and deleted shader cache.


    I do get a complaint at startup for ORBX obectflow.dll not tested with the new version of P3D... I said run anyway and things seem to work OK. ORBX will probably publish a new library for the new patch.


    Performance wise, I am seeing that all cores of my i5-3570K are being used (no more affinity mask needed now)... getting less stutters around KSEA and FPS has gone up from 30 to high 30's and low 40's in the KSEA area. That is an improvement for my system.


    Water/waves textures in distance sometimes seems to shimmer strangely, not sure what that is about. Backed off Rex4 water stuff and still getting some strange shimmering. Will play around with that a little.


    I like the patch so far!

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