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  1. Still crashing, worked for one flight last night after reinstalling and now the next day it's crashing, even when starting with cessna and then changing over. Can anyone help?
  2. I just uninstalled, then tried to download the V1.0 version, doesnt work, got some weird message saying how my access is denied, totally expected ha! Will report my findings after I re install
  3. Quick rant here, how can wilco make a product, then charge me over 50 dollars of my HARD EARNED money, and then give me some completely non functioning product? Sorry, I am just very annoyed with this and I really dont want to make anyone mad but why doesnt anything work right for me!?! I flew the dang plane 25 minutes ago, after reinstalling it today with crashing problems, I took a fun flight and had no problems. Ate dinner, came back and now the plane loads up for like a millisecond, then my screen goes black and then I get the Fs9 stopped working message from W7. The plane itself, on the RARE occasion that I can even load it up, works fine and I have great fun flying it. Come on, out of like 150 attempts to load this plane, I have probably only flown it 3 or 4 times. I already uninstalled and reinstalled with the same problem. Heres exactly what I do, I load up the C172 (because the thing wont even load from the regular menu without crashing my game) then I load up the Airbus, (this worked a couple of times) I see a quick millisecond of the cockpit, then the screen goes black and then I get "Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working" I just cant freaking believe it, how a company can release a product that doesnt work and then tease me with the hope that maybe it will! ): I work at mcdonalds and I only get a few hours a week and I spent like half of my check on this plane, hoping I would have an enjoyable time flying it and learning the systems like I did with the iFly 737 (which was actually tested and made sure it was a working product before release). But no, I spend my hard earned money on a 1gb space on my hard drive that has been a roller coaster of sometimes working and sometimes not. Wilco made a good product, but only when it works. I am not a very computer smart kid, so this sort of thing really irritates me because I have no idea how to solve it. I installed the v11 version for Fs2004. Should I maybe try installing the v1.0 instead? I am so tired of working on computers, they are so problematic and complicated. I installed it with admin rights and I run Fs9 as an admin every time. If you made or worked on this aircraft, please see nothing I said as an Insult directly towards you, I am just really trying to get my moneys worth here, and enjoy this product. I am at my wits end with non functioning flight sim products that I spend my money on. By the way I know this is the Wilco support for 737, but I saw alot of posts about airbus that got some help. I also looked around on these forums and the solutions to my problem didnt exaclty work. Thanks.