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  1. I've been able to do it with an Nvidia 970 card. I even had Bezel correction... however I got annoyed at the my line of sight right in the middle being obstructed. So now I have P3D on the left window and I'll move the GPS or other windows to the right monitor to use it that way.
  2. Just a followup, I tried a number of variables, including reinstalling everything... and all is great until I put; "model=GTN650x2 panel=GTN650x2" into the aircraft config. Would be interested if anyone is using the GTN 750s if they're still having the gas pressure gauges pegging out. Not a huge issue but this is my favorite plane so if I can fix it with some new file or config setting I would like to.
  3. AviatorBob

    Keyboard mapping clickable functions?

    I figured out a place to start with FSUIPC. For the above example you can go into Buttons + Switches and assign 'List local Panel Vars' to the key, go back into the game and press it. It creates a log in the FSUIPC directory. From that log I pulled; 430594 L:ClockVoltsClick = 0.000000 430594 L:ClockSelectClick = 0.000000 430594 L:ClockControlClick = 0.000000 430610 L:ClockSelect = 0.000000 430610 L:ClockControl = 0.000000 430610 L:ClockVolts = 0.000000 Now I know the variables I just need to figure out how to create a MCRO file in FSUIPC and get it to show up as a map-able function.
  4. I'm not sure what else you would call it. But occasionally in planes there are clickable functions that I can't find a keyboard mapping to via P3D - Settings - Control or FSUIPC vast pull down of commands. Is there a way to create one or is that something between P3D, FSUIPC and/or the plane creator? Example off the top of my head is with an A2A 172/182 plane and the Davtron clock. Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrFYbS9yzuc So this item has 3 things you can click within the virtual cockpit. Is there a way to map a keyboard hotkey to it, say Num 1-3?
  5. Question on the upgrades. I installed two files; one for Barron 55_P3Dv2_v3.150306 and B55_F1GTN_v1.150308. With the default set up everything looks correct, including the fuel pressure/flow... however when I enable the 650x2 panel, the panel works fine but the fuel gauges peg out again. Since it only does it with the 650x2 did I perhaps install that patch incorrectly?
  6. AviatorBob

    Should i upgrade to 2.5?

    My Prepar3D installation was a mess. After a year of fiddling with it I had a mess of planes that were either freeware, FSX transfers or paid. I tried out some various scenarios, had some Oculus Rift apps, ect.. I had been working on slowly cleaning up the installation but would get sidetracked and not finished. 2.5 was a chance for me to work off a fresh install and only put on what over the last year I actually liked to mess with. For me it's Orbx scenaries, ASN, Rex and a few payware planes. As soon as I saw a majority of those things were supported I decided to make the move. I had read it took people days to do this but for me it took 3 hours. I uninstalled everything P3D related, deleted folders, ect. As I installed each thing I booted up the application to make sure it worked and then I would move onto the next. All in all it took less than 4 hours to complete everything. A lot of the time was spent waiting on installs or downloads so may have been only an hour of actively installing things. The only issues I had was having to manually move a terrain.cfg file for Orbx and patch ASN post 2nd P3D hotfix. I also took account of what I installed and in what order. - Prepar3D Academic - FSUIPC - Active Sky Next - Rex 4 - Texture Direct - Orbx - Orbx Addon Airports - Flight 1 GTN 650 Planes - B/E 55 - RV4 - CE208 - Alabeo Waco - Pipersport - Cessna 207 Wagon
  7. AviatorBob

    AI Traffic?

    So as long as the planes are in the simobject folder the client will put them on the tarmac?
  8. AviatorBob

    AI Traffic?

    How does AI traffic work? Does it just pull planes from your /SimObjects/Airplane directory and randomly place them around based on your traffic/airport slider setting? I came across World of AI today and would like to get some more variety of airplanes at my airports.
  9. AviatorBob

    Looking for a good ga airplane

    I hope you can get back in the air soon! I've not flown in two weeks because of weather and I am going a bit crazy not flying. Today I might go visit my plane, maybe check the oil and wipe it off in the hangar. Which I guess brings me to my renewed interest in Prepar3D and setting it up to practice IFR flights. I don't have my instrument rating but plan to complete it this summer so next winter I don't get shut out from flying.
  10. Figured, was just wanting to make sure it wasn't me or something I might have inadvertently changed editing the aircraft and panel configs.
  11. After reading that all my add ons worked with Prepar3D 2.5 I decided to bite bullet and do the re-install. Had a chance to do my first flight tonight in the B/E55, it was a night flight so I noticed the same problem with interior lighting, which I could replicate on a few other planes so I knew it wasn't the addon. Another odd issue is the Fuel Flow gauge pegs all the way out when I go past 25% throttle. It does it in both the B and E 55s. I tried with two other planes, the default B58 and a 207 Wagon. Both those planes showed accurate fuel flows. I think it's just something graphical because when I look at the data on the 650 it seems within limits. Combined flow 40 gph on take off, 35 on climb and at about 5,000 ft squared up and leaned out it's about 30 gph. That would put each engine about 15 but on the gauge they're still showing pegged out. Any troubleshooting suggestions would be appreciated, I like using that gauge along with the EGT when leaning the mixture out. Thanks!
  12. AviatorBob

    B55 include GTN650 support?

    Okay thanks. I'm slowly figuring these edits out.
  13. AviatorBob

    B55 include GTN650 support?

    I bought the plane and with the Flight1 integration addon this evening and I'm really impressed. The screenshots didn't do it justice. I'm in the process of setting up the controls, downloaded a new skin (1249Z retro fun) and trying to get a popup window to bring up the AP, 650s and ADF all in one key stroke. I have it somewhat working but the ratios are a bit off. What am I missing? //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=640,829 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=2 visible=0 ident=GPS_PANEL window_size= 0.355, 0.522 window_pos= 0.000, 0.030 gauge00=B55_XMLGauges!FBS_KAP140, 0,0,640,163 gauge01=F1GTN!GTN650, 0,163,640,266,UNIT1.POP gauge02=F1GTN!GTN650, 0,429,640,266,UNIT2.POP gauge03=B55_XMLGauges!FBS_KR 87 ADF, 0,695,640,134 Any help would be appreciated, not sure if someone's already done this.
  14. AviatorBob

    Looking for a good ga airplane

    Okay you were talking about the game and needing to take care of your A2A plane or having it break. I would never advocate skipping pre-flight inspection on a real plane, not using checklists/flow checks or not adhering to some type of ADM process. In the game it's not something I'm into, however as you pointed out obviously there are people that are. I'm also not beating up those that are into it. Some find it enjoyable and I also am true believer that simulations have purpose in flight training. I tend to think of it as advanced chair flying and can really help you with the memory triggers associated with flying. You could also simulate stresses to increase your cockpit management and multitasking ability. All great things, but what it can't ever emulate are the stick and rudder skills you only develop through actual real life plane flying. Case in point, fly the Piper Cub in the game with settings maxed out. Then go fly a real one, or any taildragger for that matter... no amount of training on a flight sim will help you out. You'll know the control inputs, where buttons are and such but not the rudder control it takes to pilot one. I'm not a programmer but I assume the difference in the A2A 172 vs 182 is a list of weights used to achieve a certain response. With FSUIPC you can change that and force you to apply more back pressure simulating it's heavier, or less to simulate a more agile plane. That's what I was referring to. I used it with the A2A 172 to try and get something somewhat realistic, I have a good number of hours in a real 172 so that was my frame of reference. On a side note I had a friend over who owns and flies a 182, sat him with the Carenado 182 and he was all over the place, porpoised and prop struck a few landings. So what I felt were realistic controls for me obviously didn't match what he flew probably that day. Maybe I'll give the A2A 182 a go and see if that's better than the 172.
  15. AviatorBob

    Looking for a good ga airplane

    You lost me, are we talking about the game or real life?