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  1. Suppose I'm lucky. I played this off and on most the day without any issues that I can think of. My hardware mapped well to preferred settings and I ran everything at High and didn't even stutter. Was able to tweak the curve on the rudder/brakes and now ground handling feels good. I don't get wrapped around the physics because at the end of the day none of these games are 'realistic'.
  2. I have no brand loyalty between ATIs and Nvidia. Just happens that my last 2 or 3 cards have been Nvidia. When I get my Oculus Rift DK2 I'll go ahead and upgrade my card and check out the ATIs.
  3. I still haven't been able to find anything. I might just wait on an Oculus Rift to be my savior because right now it's a little goofy looking.
  4. I received my second monitor and hooked it up. Apparently you need 3 monitors for Nvidia Bezel correction. Does anyone know another way to get the same function?
  5. I recently bought a desk mount dual monitor stand and am a bit annoyed at my mismatched monitor set up. Luckily the 24" Asus Proart I have is still for sale so I just ordered a second one of those. I'm interested to see how it goes. I only fly around on GA style airplanes in VC mode so I'm hoping I can get over the bezel. We'll see.
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