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  1. Fadamor

    737NGX Flaps and FSUIPC

    Ran into a bit of an interesting issue the other day. DVA has an ACARS utility that records flight data during the flight. For quite a few flights, ACARS was reporting that I was taking off using Flaps 40 when I actually was using Flaps 1. I did some ground tests and it seems the data for certain flaps positions gets goofed up by the time FSUIPC gets a chance to read the offsets. FSUIPC is getting data from the NGX stating that some flaps positions (usually Flaps 10 and Flaps 30) are Flaps 40. The problem isn't apparent on the CS 757-200 I tested, so it appears to be a PMDG issue. Here's a copy/paste of the thread I had going with Pete Dowson on his support site.
  2. Fadamor

    Windows 8.1 version of 738

    The only issue I had with it was crash to desktops, and that went away back in January or so when I updated my nVidia drivers.
  3. Fadamor

    FSX, PMDG & Windows 8

    I initially had issues with the 737NGX and Win 8.1 Professional x64 until I updated my nVidia drivers. I haven't had any strange issues with flying since then. I'm even using the DirectX 10 Preview and nothing "wonky" is happening. But like they said, the O/S is not officially supported by PMDG.
  4. Fadamor


    Umm... I'm guessing you had absolutely nothing to do with VMR Generator, right? taken from: http://www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html#faq
  5. Fadamor


    All I have is WoAI models and it worked fine. The MySimilarAirlineCodes text file additionally lets you add your VA prefix if it doesn't follow the ICAO standard. So if one of my fellow DVA pilots logs into VATSIM using DVAxxxx instead of DALxxxx, vPilot knows to use the Delta models to represent him if I've added "DVA=DAL" in the MySimilarAirlineCodes file.
  6. Fadamor

    Sudden loss of audio.

    I'm guessing the DSP (digital signal processor) chip on the sound card has a thermal short that kicks-in after it's been working for a bit and the chip warms up. Either that or a cold solder joint. Regardless, sounds like it's time to try a new sound card.
  7. Fadamor


    There's a new utility out for vPilot that scans your FSX folder for AI aircraft, then automatically sets up the rules for Model Matching for your installed AI aircraft. It's called VMR Generator. http://www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html The thing I like about it is it creates a text file of all your AI aircraft that aren't using the proper ICAO aircraft codes, and a separate text file where you can put the corrections. The next time you run VMR Generator it adds the corrected aircraft types to the rules for the correct models/liveries.
  8. Fadamor

    Sudden loss of audio.

    The first step in troubleshooting is to bring the program back to basics and see if the problem remains. This would mean disabling the add-ons you're using. If the plane's audio works fine, then add back in the various add-ons to see if you can identify the one having an issue with FSX audio.
  9. Fadamor

    PMDG MCP knobs sensibility

    Not everyone has your obviously superior motor skills. :rolleyes:
  10. Fadamor

    06MAY14 - PMDG 777 SP1/300ER Updates

    Banning works only so well. 1. It provides validation for the troll that they really do exist and what they posted affected someone. 2. Once banned, there's rarely controls in-place to prevent the troll from creating another account to get another existence "fix". While I agree there's usually someone who goofs-up and responds to the troll, it's my hope that eventually all the sane people will just render the troll's posts as non-existent. No response = no validation of their existence = no gratification on their part. IMHO the best forums allow individuals to block the display of posts from another individual. Sadly it doesn't appear that the Avsim forums let you do that.
  11. Fadamor

    PMDG MCP knobs sensibility

    Using the scroll wheel generally moves my mouse off of the target control. In my case using the mouse buttons to increment/decrement the control works more efficiently.
  12. Fadamor


    I fly in Windowed mode, but on a 3-wide display. vPilot goes on a 4th display along with my VA ACARS.
  13. Fadamor


    It's my understanding that AI models are nothing like Payware aircraft. I shudder to think what would happen to my computer if it had to render more than one PMDG 738 at the same time. I believe you need to pick an actual AI model as the default model. When I first installed it, I committed the error of doing so WITHOUT reading the supplied instructions. When I got to the model matching tab, I saw all the downloads and said, "Sure! Give me all of them!" After starting the program and connecting (at KATL during an event), I was treated to about five minutes of beeps and alerts that there wasn't a model to use. After reading the installation instructions, I now know that what you're downloading isn't the actual aircraft models, but merely the rules for which model is displayed with which callsigns/aircraft. If you haven't already downloaded the AI aircraft models you've selected as "active", then you'll get alerts not once, but at least four times for every aircraft in range. Considering that I hadn't previously installed ANY AI aircraft packages, this meant EVERY rule selected would fail and I would get slammed with the associated error messages for EVERY aircraft in range. :t0148: I've since downloaded a bunch of the World of AI models and activated the rules for ONLY the models I've downloaded. The error messages have gone away except for a random one every once in a while. When those come up, I make note of the Aircraft type and Callsign and later see if I can find a WoAI model to use with it.
  14. Fadamor

    PMDG MCP knobs sensibility

    Probably talking about the 738. For fun I went and ran the 738 Tutorial #2 again last night. About 60 seconds of holding down the mouse button in order to get the barometric DH to 989. I understand that PMDG is shooting for as realistic as possible, but does it really take a full minute to set one control in a 738?
  15. Fadamor

    Maintaining Hand Flying Proficiency

    I would hardly call it "being slam dunked". The PF was aware that SFO tends to hold the aircraft higher than normal which results in a high energy decent rather late in the approach. It was even gone over in the transition ground school the PF attended where they specifically pointed out that tendency of SFO's ATC. When Asiana tried to bring up the "high energy descent" as a contributing factor, Boeing said, "But they already knew that was going to happen well before turning onto final!" If you want to point to the place where that approach went south, it was when the PF selected FLCH after they had already adjusted the MCP altitude to the Missed Approach altitude. The plane started throttling up and climbing to the MAP altitude even though they were still above the glideslope. Once that happened, there was no way they were going to be stabilized at by 500 AGL and so they should have performed a go around. Both pilots deny pressing the FLCH switch (the PF says he only "thought about" using FLCH but didn't actually press it) and Asiana tried to say that the mode activated all by itself, but the CVR has a distinct sound of a switch being pressed right at the time FLCH was activated.