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  1. andreas920

    A few from Anchorage

    Thank you for your kind comments, I insist that it's very cold everywere in Alaska, that's what we believe here. :smile: sorry, everywhere
  2. a few from Anchorage in Alaska, it's cold there. Scenery is FTX stock, Aircraft is Carenado Bonanza V35. Thanks for viewing and Happy Flying!
  3. andreas920

    Martha's Vineyard

    Great shots, interesting to see how MSE2 shows this today. Happy Flying!
  4. andreas920

    Some shots from PNW in VFR

    Thank you very much for your comments, perhaps I will do some more shots from Orbx scenerie later. Andreas
  5. andreas920

    Here and there in XP10

    Thanks Skully, I will watch how this continues. Xplane 10 will be finished when they have reached Version 10.70 or so. Andreas
  6. andreas920

    Here and there in XP10

    Hello Skully, nice pictures and very interesting. I have Xplane 9 and never used it as much as MSFS because it's limited in a few important matters such as visibility. Seems that this is the next big step. The Manhattan scenery is this stock or some addon? Do they have some generic buildings on airports and airfields now? Thanks
  7. andreas920

    Some shots from PNW in VFR

    Did not write this down: Aircraft is Carenado Cessna 172 Skyhawk II, Carenado Cessna 152 and default Trike and Beech Baron, Scenery is Orbx Pacifik Northwest and their airports KHQM Bowerman (free), KBVS Skagit Regl, 74S Anacortes, 3W5 Concrete, WA56 Israel's Farm and 1S2 Darrington Muni. Happy Flying! :lol:
  8. Had some problems with my graphics card and the available memory but now it works. Nice to fly between Vancouver and Seattle.
  9. andreas920

    White screen at load

    Now I am happy again :rolleyes: I now have Win 7 32-bit installed (because of compatibility with some of my progs) and with this graphics driver I can wake this card up. It's performance index in Windows is 7.9, the cpu 7.3 and the memory is 7.4 . Now the bottleneck is the sata II plate which is only 5.9. Will have a ssd in the future which has double transferrate with the sata II controller. And the rest was about memory, as Firehawk44 said. I have tweaked the OS to allow up to 3 GB for the running program and no problems anymore. It's not the rocket machine but it works now and that's fine for me. At Nvidia they write a driver for XP but this card is not really compatible.
  10. andreas920

    White screen at load

    Meanwhile found some hidden settings in XP I never used. This is concerning power management and in fact the card is getting better. I think this modern graphics card is not 100% compatible with XP anymore. But I am flying well and I will keep my old OS for at least the next 5 years. Can move this all to Win 7 in the future.
  11. Found something else, please see my new topic "White screen at load"
  12. andreas920

    White screen at load

    Found something else using a monitoring software to watch while flying what the graphics card does. It falls back to an energy saving mode and runs at 340 mhz clock and 1620 mhz memoryclock instead of 1020 mhz clock and over 6000 memoryclock. And I can fly with average 25 frames over PNW . It's not in the bios, C1E is off. I think it's a driver problem as you said first, This system still runs Win XP and the driver inspector does not offer the option to shut off the energysaving mode as it does in Win 7. Could this be the problem? I could not find any function to wake up this card, even gpu tweak cannot. Perhaps I will loose my good old WIN XP. This is very sad. Next posibility is: This card has a fault. The whole problem is very bad.
  13. andreas920

    White screen at load

    Autogen spikes are not there anymore since I use the older driver, I can make the settings as high as I want, this only drops the frames. The driver is the one offered by asus on there website. The bufferpool tweak shows that the card needs a pool, bufferpool=0 is not good. Poolsize is 8388608 and threshold is 393216. Scenery is Orbx PNW with some of their airports and the screen looks perfect while flying. I have KBVS installed and there the runway doesn't load fast enough while paning around from outside. It seems that it doesn't load big imagefiles fast enough. And I don't understand why the newer driver doesn't work. Thank you very much for your fast reply so far..
  14. andreas920

    White screen at load

    Firehawk, I had these problems on different systems and also had the problem that runways and vasi lights flashed while paning around from outside, sometimes first in green. I wondered wether this could be caused by nvidia issues and if a ati card would be better in this case. My Card now is GTX 660 2G and I indeed have some problems with the newest drivers causing autogen spikes. Have installed an older and everything else works fine, if the white screen is gone after a second the thing runs for hours. If I load a new aircraft the white screen comes again first. But meanwhile, to make it work, I switched back from anisotrop fltering to trilinear. Perhaps I should try the newest driver with this again.
  15. andreas920

    White screen at load

    this makes me happy since I use fsx and I must fix it: when I load aircraft or the aircraft is shown on the screen after loading a flight it first flashes the monitor with a completly white screen. This also happens when I open up a panel window i.e the gps the very first time. Very annoying. I know about the tooltips-bug and the bloom settings. This not the solution on my system. Does anyone know something else?