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  1. andreas920

    A few from Anchorage

    Thank you for your kind comments, I insist that it's very cold everywere in Alaska, that's what we believe here. :smile: sorry, everywhere
  2. a few from Anchorage in Alaska, it's cold there. Scenery is FTX stock, Aircraft is Carenado Bonanza V35. Thanks for viewing and Happy Flying!
  3. andreas920

    Martha's Vineyard

    Great shots, interesting to see how MSE2 shows this today. Happy Flying!
  4. Found something else, please see my new topic "White screen at load"
  5. I had some issues with my new GTX 660 2G which is by asus. Found out that i have to use an older driver posted on the asus website. This is 305xxx instead of 334xxx or what where they are at nvidia now. Further on I was used since years to run FSX with anisotropic filtering and this card cannot do it. It will crash the graphics when under heavy load. So I went back to trilinear filtering. It works. In fsx you must get the "graphics-pipeline" working running between cpu and gpu. I use the phenom II 4core @ 3.0 ghz. This means the cpu is much weaker than the graphics. In this case I think its best to set everything to maximum load for the card in inspector. I use "set for maximum quality", 32 AA and 16 anisotrop. Looks good and works well in Orbx NA. Frames are between 22 and 28 (limited) Good luck.