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  1. fsx@beginner

    200LR Approach Help

    Yeah i dont call you skeptic....i was already playing fs for 2 months when i got ghe ngx....and before that i had ms flight.....and before that i was a big fan of planes....hope it explains
  2. fsx@beginner

    200LR Approach Help

    Ok thanks for the replys will go and buy it
  3. fsx@beginner

    200LR Approach Help

    hey quick guys....in terms of a learning curve....is it harder than the ngx??? i mastered the ngx in 2 months even though i started playing fs in january.....will the 777 take longer??
  4. fsx@beginner

    FSX Weather Engine - issues today?

    why dont just use active sky 2012??? it i the best weather/texture/wind/turbulence engine out there!! if you check my gallery images i have a few shots with the b1900d enroute to insbruck with active sky.....its stunning
  5. fsx@beginner

    FTX Global

    well actually it does, look at my screen shot of lfpg.....the default lfpg looks a lot worse...ftx lobal actually completely replaces fsx default textures and it does it very well
  6. fsx@beginner

    Pacific Northwest (Orbx)

    Hey I have a question Will my i5 3350p @. 3.4 or 3.5 ghz have fsx with pnw@ high settings and still get 15+ fps? Ps my gpu is nvidia gt 730m 2 gb or a little better than a 9800gt (also because it is 2 gb ) And with high settings I don't mean mean ultra,but not medium low either
  7. fsx@beginner

    Just Flight A320/A319 any thoughts?

    Ok thnks for the links I will take into consideration what you said about the 737 before I buy it
  8. fsx@beginner

    Just Flight A320/A319 any thoughts?

    yes i agree i will go with the aerosoft airbus x series i was also thinking about feelthere 737: pilot in command with call! for 737 pilot in command for further immersion that will make the 737 my main realism aircraft with all the sounds and everything + i will get fs passenegers later for a virtual airline career do you ahve any thoughts on that? and can you give me the links to thomas ruth's a330 and a340 and project airbus a32x i would really apreciate it :lol: so now i know what to get: january -cls dc 10 -just flight legacy executive jet -carenado b58 baron -ORBX-ftx pacific north west february -ftx global march -aerosoft airbus x extended my dad will get feel there 737 pic and call! for 737 pic for me april -fspassenegrs x is it a good plan or is there something there that you would not recommend?? ps the aerosoft x i am getting from the flight sim store wich sells a download for $29 :lol: :lol:
  9. fsx@beginner

    Just Flight A320/A319 any thoughts?

    Ok thanks, but it is very helpful, not rude, so don't worry about that But it kinda leaves me out of options You ate my superior so you know better My dad wants to help me buy a couple of payware addons in a space of 4 months so I have what I need and don't really have to buy anything later I know where to get pmdg 747 x later on but for now I would like some suggestions about payware you know ( I will try the freeware you mentioned, so don't raise your eyebrows ) I was also thinking about feel there 737: pilot in command Any comments on that? And oh yeah before I continue it may seem strange that I am kinda bent on getting freeware, but it is because my dad wants to give me a "full package" fsx, since he himself likes airplanes He and I where thinking of getting everything in 4 or 5 months instead of years ( that includes beginner, intermediate level aircraft So if you guys have any thoughts on 737 pilot in command please let me know And a another question :is there any airbus fsx add on that is not a f- lite and is still good ?( whit that I mean payware ) that any of you would recommend? And would it be smart to get 1 f-lite airbus just to learn? And I will wait with the b747, like you guys recommended And that payware airbus does not have to be a easy airplane, it can be complex, actually I am looking for a rather complex ( of course not pmdg complex ) airbus so I can learn to fly that thing later on, when I have more experience, cause hey, I am a airbus fan Any recommendations will be welcome And I think I was kinda silly with that Wilco airbus series, but I think what bought my eye was that you could change the difficulty Regards
  10. fsx@beginner

    Just Flight A320/A319 any thoughts?

    OK thanks, I will avoid that then What I am gonna do instead is by the Wilco pub airbus series ( volume 1 and 2 ) which is much more superb, based on flightsim and avsim reviews But on that just flight-cls b747, is that not a patch that you can download? Because I am gonna download the CLS b747 from the just flight website, or is it something you have to wait for to get?
  11. fsx@beginner

    Just Flight A320/A319 any thoughts?

    ok thanks for the explanation, i will look into other planes what i am gonna get for sure is the dc-10, i read the avsim review on it and it is just what i was looking for the only thing is is that i dont know wich airbus aircraft to get my first choice plan right now is : in january i get: just flight a318 just flight dc 10 carenado b58 baron ( small turboprop for touch and go or just flying around ) orbx-ftx pacific north west scenery ( i heard that fsx default scenery sucks <_< ) all amounting to $72 ( i pay half and my dad pays half ) in february: ftx global, i would like to be able to fly anywhere and dont be complaining about missing cities, towns or forests :lol: but it is a whopping $90, me paying half again where i am stuck is march, i was thinking of: cls ( sold by just flight ) a319, a320 and a321 but i am aware of the just flight airbus collection, wich includes the a300 series and a310 series, but i am sceptical about it, does anybody know of a review or maybe have it themselves and could recommend ( or not ) that package? it's tempting because it is $ 19.99 on amazon while normally its $45!! any thoughts on that? ps my dad will buy cls b747-200/300 and a340-500/600 for me somewhere in february or march, or maybe aerlier if i am lucky :rolleyes:
  12. fsx@beginner

    Just Flight A320/A319 any thoughts?

    Ok then, I am personally a airbus fan but another reason l want the airbus series is that they are fly by wire...I don't have to check every waypoint like with a dc-10 or am I wrong? Because if not I will look into the dc-10 and the mad 80 series as well ( next to a couple of Airbus aircraft ) and another thing after reading reviews I decided to stick to the airbus a318 through a321 and the a340-500/600 So I have more options and can always swap a airbus for another DC or MD aircraft, but what I want to know is if it is flown manually instead of the auto pilot being able to take over, ( for more manual flying I am already getting the just flight b747-200/300 series ) that is the seller for me... I am still learning and need to have a autopilot for most navigation.... Do you know if they have that?
  13. fsx@beginner

    Just Flight A320/A319 any thoughts?

    thanks for the reply i will definatly buy that then... what i have in mind is buying the whole airbus fleet: the a300-a310 series @ amazon the a330-a340 series @ amazon the a318, a319, a320, a321 @ just flight .com you think that is a good idea? ( please dont recommend things like pmdg or aerosoft, i am a 13 year old novice and just want to begin slowly+ i dont have the cash..i have to rely on my dad for like half the things i buy....so keep that in mind )
  14. fsx@beginner

    Just Flight A320/A319 any thoughts?

    does the a319 have a autopilot like the a340? ( whiT THAT i mean that it could more or less fly itself from takeoff till aproach...you see i am a beginner and cind lazy at that :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) because if it does not i am out