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  1. I have the DCS helicopters and they are awesome , however Im looking for some for FSX Steam edition Which freeware and payware have the most realistic helicopter flight models?
  2. This is a video of UK2000 scenery using a reply I made and all aircraft are visible: I didnt go in all guns blazing I was very calm but the customer support assistant was very patronizing, said a flight sim is for flying! True it is but then why sell an airport with detail when no aircraft are visible when you are recording! He then went on to keep saying NO Refund! This is the same guy who closed a call with another issue I had with OMSI simulator when the call wasn't resolved. I removed the Mega Airport Heathrow and went to UK2000 and purchased 4 airports for 40.00 in their sales. Great customer service there, they even let me swap over cardiff airport for another airport free of charge as I had cardiff airport from FTX EU wales. This is what customer service is about, unlike Aerosofts useless service. Below is a reply of Luton Airport done with a replay using Shadowplay and the airports and traffic are visible, this is what I wanted from aerosoft's aiport but its sadly lacking and nothind to do with any FSX bug!
  3. replay works great, only issue ive had is with aerosoft airports, I got xplane too but find it quite bland, the interface is awful , game is okay but for me no game got no atmsophere (excuse the pun)
  4. Heathrow Extreme and Rome, both of them have empty airfields on replay mode. Its not an FSX bug as they stated as UK2000 airports and ORBX are fine. They shouldnt be blaming FSX bugs if other airports scenery packs are ok, that was just a kop out, they refused to issue a refund as well. Wont be buying from them again for sure. The quality of the airports are also sub standard, looks washed out, nothing compared to their website photos! I like to record my flights but its crap when you record a flight and land at an empty airport! Well i never found that I had a support call with them about another product for another simulator and they just closed it without resolving it! Now this issue, cant be bothered with this company anymore, will go elsewhere is all I can do and warn others of my experience ...thats all i can do. Wise...same here go for ORBX or UK2000 , better support, better service!
  5. I purchased mega airports from aerosoft but the replays do not show any AI aircraft at all in replay. If you are interested in making videos of your flights DONT buy them. The quality is also bad and even worse the customer service is dreadful from aerosoft. I was refused a refund , they stated this was on the sales page but he wouldnt give the link to where this was stated, he said it was a known bug in FSX but it is not a BUG in FSX, because ORBX and UK2000 scenery works no problems with AI aircraft and replays. Aerosoft customer service stinks, he was unhelpful, patronizing, smug and just kept saying its an FSX bug and no refund! I would suggest UK2000 scenery instead , better customer service. Do not buy from them is my advice! Awful product, awful customer service
  6. I havent had a chance to try , will do this week and get post back...thanks for the help
  7. I set it at 5000 but it dived lower than what was set?
  8. I purchased the lionheart learjet and am happy with it but am having issues with the autopilot. I ensure the inverters are on I click the switch to GPS I then set the altitude say to 5000 feet I set a gps route (using the direct to option) I then engage the Autopilot and the green light is on and GPS mode is on I hit the ALT key to maintain altitude but then it starts losing altitude rapidly?? What am I doing wrong?
  9. I got World of AI and wanted to know how to update/convert the flight plans? Is there a tutorial anywhere? Thanks
  10. I read the manual and setup the fixer but I cant see anywhere which says if you need to run DX 10 Fixer and keep it running when using FSX? Do you run FSX fixer and leave it running then launch FSX ?
  11. Im thinking of getting the dx fixer, I have 2xGTX980 SLI system, can i install it as the download page says no support for multiple gpus? Also can you revert back to pre dx10 fixer sttings at any point, like an undo function?
  12. I believe World of AI can be used with FSX Steam edition, can someone advise if there are any setup instructions for steam version? i.e. what path do you need to use and also do you have to convert any files as Ive read on some forums some forums you need to convert FS9 flight plans to FSX flight plans ?