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  1. The FMS does work, however, you need to manually install the glassga.ttf font. That should fix that issue
  2. [Beta Preview] A DC-6 Narrative - Part 2

    I *will* not buy X-Plane. I *will* not buy X-Plane. I *will* not buy X-Plane. I *will* not buy X-Plane. I *will* not buy X-Plane. I *will* buy X-Plane. Dang it... Seriously, though, I foresee a massive pain in the wallet if this aircraft is as good as it promises to be...
  3. NGX System Update?

    STOP! Don't give them ideas!!
  4. NGX System Update?

    To the PMDG crew: what are the chances of an update for Split Scimitars and the LED landing/taxi lights? The Split Scimitars have become so common that NOT having them is unrealistic. Even if they're purely visual, I believe that the majority of NGX customers would rather have split scimitars without adding the performance updates than not have split scimitars. Maybe add the contact points for the tips (those crosswind limits, tho). Also, so many of the NG aircraft (LN #5555 and up) are equipped with the redesigned LTRTL (LED Landing, Taxi and Runway Turnoff Lights) that I believe many users would appreciate this update as well. I know that TDS has updated their external model with these, so it's doable. I do understand that it would also require a VC update (two vs four landing light switches, as the retractable landing lights have been removed. The nose taxi light has also been removed, replaced by the wing landing lights at 50% power). An topic with some technical details, photos, and a few NG pilots is located at: GolfCharlie232 (Live From The Flight Deck) also has a picture of the Landing light switches in the cockpit on his Facebook page as well as his Flickr. Thank you! I look forward to the chance to fly with some knife-like winglets.