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  1. jeff_w_yyc

    PMDG 737 NGX engines won't shut down

    I have…it does nothing. The engines keep on running. I actually don't fly using the VC. My simpit set-up is better suited to flying using the 2D panels (3 monitors up top on Eyefinity for the forward view, 2 monitors below for the MIP). I like to use the mouse as little as possible in my sim…just more realistic that way. (I've recently replaced the CH Multi-Function Panel with a VRInsight Boeing MCP/EFIS Combo) so you can ignore that. I'm planning on possibly re-purposing it for overhead panel functions) I'm actually thinking of swapping a bunch of the button commands out from FSUIPC to LINDA & seeing how that works out. Hoping that might solve some issues.
  2. jeff_w_yyc

    PMDG 737 NGX engines won't shut down

    So I followed Scandinavian13's instructions and renamed/moved my FSUIPC.ini file and allowed FSUIPC to create a new file. I thought that solved the issue, but it doesn't seem to have done so. I'm actually thinking that I've got a button conflict somewhere in my FSUIPC between the buttons I'm using for cut-off and the buttons I'm using for reverse thrust; I previously used an axis assignment for reverse thrust and recently changed over to using the button detents on the Saitek throttle for reverse thrust instead. I've noticed that when I park the aircraft and flip the switches to cut-off, it momentarily activates the reversers - until I move the throttles forward to deactivate the reversers. If I then open up my FSUIPC, re-assign the key-press I'm using for cut-off/idle and then go back out to my flight, it shuts down the engines. The bizarre thing is that - as I mentioned - I'm using a key-press macro for cut-off/idle but a button press for reversers…and it's not the same button number on the throttle quadrants. I'm thinking that perhaps I should just go back to using an axis for reverse thrust. Thoughts anyone? Jeff @ YYC
  3. jeff_w_yyc

    PMDG 737 NGX engines won't shut down

    Entirely possible that the INI file was corrupted; awhile ago I did have to do a "restore to a back-up point" with my Windows and I know it screwed up my Anti-virus program. I've moved the old INI file out and created a new one…haven't had a chance to do a full flight yet, but I'll report back with results when I do. Thanks for the help! Jeff @ CYYC
  4. jeff_w_yyc

    PMDG 737 NGX engines won't shut down

    Just to clarify, I've been using FSUIPC with ZERO issues for the last 2 years. This little "issue" has only started happening recently. I should also mention that when I have this issue, if I'm watching the throttle quadrant in the VC I can actually see the cut-off lever moving to the "Cut-Off" position, but the engines continue to run.
  5. jeff_w_yyc

    PMDG 737 NGX engines won't shut down

    Yep…it's all assigned through FSUIPC; I run all my gear (all Saitek) through it…and it's only started recently. Perhaps I can try doing some re-assignments and see if that fixes anything.
  6. jeff_w_yyc

    PMDG 737 NGX engines won't shut down

    So, is this the reason for a lack of engine shut-down then? I've run into this situation a couple of times with the 700 series NGX; I pull up to the gate, flip the switches from "Idle" to "Cut Off" and……..nothing. The engines just keep on keepin' on. I've even tried switching off the fuel pumps and the engines STILL keep on running. (Sorry to bring up an old topic but this was the only one that came up when I did a search on the issue) Jeff @ YYC