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  1. This is not sim dependent. It depends on the addon plane in the sim (if the systems are coded to simulate limited thrust). But even if they are not you can do it manually (on paper) if you own right performence specification charts and now the calculation techniques for given plane. For example for Dc-10-30 and A33x-A34x series i always do it on paper. And in real world even in aircrafts with such FMC capability crews were often obliged or prefered to make manual calculations themselfs.
  2. And only that livery in FS2020 please. 🙂
  3. Dc-10, L1011, B727. Il-62, Tu134, Tu154.
  4. For Dc-10-30 i am using FSX SGA .air file as well as most of the entries from their .cfg. The SGA FDE was built in cooperation with RW Dc-10 pilots. One of them was quite active in this forum and provided me a lot of insight into reading the charts and planning takeoff, climb and landing based on it. I can tell you the plane behaves exactly as he described. Also in terms of 2 engine taxi. For Dc-10-10 i am using cls stock FDE but... it happens to be quite good (the stock -30 fde is really bed). I mean good against the -10 performance planning charts. Which are actualy very different form -30 charts both in terms of numbers as well as calculation methotds.
  5. Fully agree. If i can follow all RW normal procedures by the book, and fly it by the numbers (takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and landing performance) then it is a study level experiance. I study the books and charts and replicate it fully in the sim. I can tell you i have heavily upgraded JF Dc-10 HD with FDE that reflects the charts with 95% accuracy, CIVA INS acting like in the RW manual, and i can „click” almost every switch i should click in RW Dc-10. Each flight is close as it could be to RW operations. The fact that i dont have Failures modeng thus cannot replicate abnormal procuders fully doest mean i dont have study level experiance in normal flight. None of us will call JF Dc-10 HD a study level sim, but it can be used for study level experiance (not stock version, the modded one). The „study level” term means different thing for each of us probably.
  6. Adding to the list: Project Tupolev Tu-154b-2
  7. What a useless comment. We are all aware we are discussing desktop sim, so whats the value in your comment?
  8. Folks, i made some notes how to operate some key L1011 systems, which are quite unique in operations for this bird. Comments come from hundreds of pages of reading the real L1011 operating procedures. Let me know if you find it useful: AC and PTUs ON in preliminary cockpit preps. AC as well as respective ENG Hyd pumps off prior startup. AC ON after landing and off prior engine shutdown. Pack 2 and its Hot Air and ISLN ON after APU air is provided. Pack 1 off for TO and Landing. Engine HPs off for engine startup. 2A and 2B one pump each ON for APU and engine startup (all crossbleed valves ON). ECS: set FLT Alt for cruise FL, set CAB Alt for landing elevation. DME, Transponder: STNDB on preliminary, then DME Test and standby, then DME NORM after engine starting. Radar STNDB before landing.
  9. Right. So normally would you program only SID waypoints up to SID exit and then program the main route on flight?
  10. Programming an INS for SID will give you some great time if they change runway for your take off 🙂
  11. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=196909&CatID=fsxgau https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=192401&CatID=fsxgau
  12. I have been making flights on CS L1011 II v1.004 for last couple of days. I can tell you one can fly it by the book. I followed all pilots and FE preflight, flight and securing steps and i could replicate everything exactly as in the RW L1011 manuals. All the systems (APU, ECS, Hydraulics, Electrics, Fire Control Center and Fuel Management) behave as described in RW books. To program INS you need to follow right sequence. With V1 Gauge available here in library you really get an immersion. The visual model, especially night lighting is great. The only, only one problem i found against RW systems description is Diff preassure reaching almost limits when in final stage of a climb. You get an alert on an annuciator. When a/c levels off at cruise level the diff stabilizes in yellow range and ECS alert disappears. BTW, if you keep your N1 in proper regime on all stages of climb you will hardly get to 350 at MTOW. And if you use proper N1 for current altimeter and temp on your dep. airport you will perfectly keep V2 + 10 at 12-15 climb angle. Its just a comment to all this FDE discussion here...
  13. Another great jetliner skipped by developers is DC10. Too bad as it has huge potential for simming both on passenger and cargo or even military operations.
  14. Hi all, In multiprop planes (4 engine planes) i observe that only startup of engines no 1 and 2 (left ones) initiate plane (cockpit) shaking. As a result when executing standard 3,4,2,1 startup sequence the first two engines does not make any effect on the the cabin and then when starting third engine the aircraft shakes/ vibrates like it was the first engine in a sequence... Any ideas how to ensure each engine creates same level of vibrations when started? P3D v4.5, EZCA (happens both with ezca V2 and V3). Kind regards, Kris
  15. Cool! That will be first day purchase!
  16. And Aerosoft Anchorage. All heavy cargo types there.
  17. FSDT on sale now. KSDF especially for UPS 748. Also you can get their KMEM.
  18. To be honest i would just look at what airline you usually fly. For example if in Europe and you like Raynair go for 737, if you like Easyjet your choice will be A320.
  19. Adam, did you manage to get it compatibile with EF? Regards, Kris
  20. I also got responds from them. At the very beggening when they released v2 i sent them e-mail asking to fix an idle taxi issue. They sent me a fix to test immediatelly and released SP1 fixing it right soon after.
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