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  1. Imagine the company is sold to someone and that someone decides to reactivate the product and restart selling it.
  2. Military jets in civil aviation sims. No wonder they do sales.
  3. In case of high speed rejected take off need to increase chance of quick reaction.
  4. Its a bug. FDE is wrong. You may try to incorporate .air file from some other model but not sure if that is going to work.
  5. I use ISG1 MD11 set and it works well except TCAS. I also managed to „learn” the autopilot. Although it has nothing to do with RW MD11 autopilot there is a „logic” although in it but its totally unintuitive. Except ILS which is upredictible...
  6. Wow! Have been waiting for this one. Thanks Enko. Hope SkySimmulation will make a service pack that will solve anoying autopilot bugs...
  7. Isnt it electrically driven? Check that batt is on, stby power is armed and either APU or GPU is running. And all elec panel swtiches connected.
  8. Thanks for your comments. I think i figured it out. The problem of diving in turns was the CG. In last two flights i moved „first class” payload weight back adding it to Aft cargo section (i use Topcat loadsheet to get the load for each section). The CG was shifted seriously back and i took off with around 29% TOCG. The plane was loosing some 200-300 feet in first phases of turns but recovering easily. So the problem was with too much front TOCG.
  9. What angle did you approach the localizer? Did you have to make a low speed, high angle turn like 45-180 degree?
  10. You will have all your GPWS and bitchin betty sounds untouched as they seat in the Gauges folder while with TSS you replace Sound folder in Simobjects/ SkySim Md11 directory only.
  11. I need to disengage AP to recover from dive. I am thinking that this may be caused by ISG integration i use, as you dont experiance such problem. Or, maybe the stab deflection may be to be blame. Will work on the CG and if i manage to get proper trimming will check the AP behaviour again. Other than that, this bird is promissing, especially with TSS sound, hoping SS will fix mayor issues.
  12. Interesting, my VS hits even -1800 ft per minute at 220kts flaps 10... I am using Topcat MD11 profile to build loadsheet i am using then to load fuel and pax. Also ending with CG alert.
  13. I have noticed huge hirizontal stab deflection in the cruise as well. But my main problem with SkySim MD11 is the autopilot which is simply unpredictable... does anyone experiance significant loss of altitude on low altitude/ low speed turns, on approach for example? The aircraft starts to decent immediatelly after HDG or NAV turn is initiated.
  14. Wow! Amazing! Well done. hope CS will update L11 to P3Dv4 soon.
  15. Yes, but there is no click sound in the cockpit. I managed to fix that partially using some freeware cockpit sounds replacement addon.
  16. Sector whiteout - a term that will direct to NZ901 for ever now.
  17. Well, i am using CLS HD modded to the limits with increadibly good flight dynamics and thats my favorite plane. Ohh, and btw, i own all study level planes in my hangar which i enjoy but still, Dc10 is the one.
  18. Nice shots and description of events. Just one comment, as it was spring/ summer time the morning was bright while they departed.
  19. As far as i remember there always should be some small amount of fuel in Tail, try to put there 65 lbs prior the flight.
  20. In all situations other that system fault or some kind of tank damage you operate in Auto. If in Auto your MD11 runs into some strange cross tank to engine logic then maybe you should reinstall? Do you have SP1 installed? Topcat also gives you proper V speeds and some other take off/ landing reference data. But if you are flying short hall only and use default V speeds calculations only you may skip it. Although its a great tool which u can use with 744, 757, A320 and some other (incl. 772).
  21. First if all you fill three main tanks equally. For short hops you need these only. For long range i use Topcat MD11 loadsheet to calculate distribution for Tail and Aux. And keep Fuel System auto.
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