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  1. Question is for DC10-10.
  2. As we now have P3D4 Ready 757 I am interested in others opinion. In the light of a middle of the market discussion, was this the best decision to made considering the gap Boeing has today? I remember their statement that days that they discontinue 757 program as it would create internal competition with 737-900. However today we now that this airframe, as well as longest MAX, is unable to further develop into MoM nor to compete with A321LR. The 757 had all its advantages to further develop that 737 hasnt. Mainly engine clrearance, size. Just wondering how much Opportunity was possible to achive on 757 if equipment with new engines, awionics, materials and other technologies. Looking forward for your views. Kris
  3. Hi, Looking for an advice. The aircraft i fly needs too little power on cruise. For example i use 90% N1 on 430k GW to keep .82 Mach while i should have around 101% to keep that speed at this weight. could this be adjusted in cfg file or is it only possible by modifying Air file? kind regards, Kris
  4. So why are you posting shots of modiffications you made if you cannot share it?
  5. Ok, tested. ADEU works on 64x version of the gauge.
  6. KrisJ


    Yep, i know. But when i was in need of it it wasnt 😞 Togethet with TSS sound replacement it made my JF L1011 acctually quite expensive Addon....
  7. KrisJ


    Vc10, you also feel cockpit lighting is Job well Done? Must have purchased FSLSpotlight to be able to see anything in the cockpit before full night comes and lights become available. but INS do works indeed.
  8. Dont know that. I always input waypoints manually. But i may try to add ADEU.
  9. CIVA INS works in P3Dv4 for months now. Did you miss my post above? There is a 64bit gauge available for download.
  10. Acctually i fly JF Dc-10 HD and i love it. But it took me a lot of work to make it flyble. My „version” is now everything you miss: integrated (2D) CIVA INS, incredibly accurate Dc-10-30 590k flight model portover from SGA, immersive sound set from TSS, true Dc-10/ MD11 GPWS alerts, and last but not least - accurately reflected cockpit lighting with both white/blue or yellow option from FSLSpootlight. And this is all in P3D v4 but it makes some limitations - missing click sounds in the cockpit. I solved that partially by using some addons available here on Avsim. i will post some screenshots when i am back at Home at evening.
  11. Currently i al flying my Dc-10 on INS and planning all flight figures on paper with use of calculator only. I hope Just Flight will make its 747 as Real as it gets, instead of „managable” to satisfy „magenta” simmers.
  12. Add to that low hanging fuselage, mounted stairs and quick operating turnaround times while on ground. And i agree re 736 and 318. Its like B747SP is still a widebody longhaul jetliner No matter how silly it looks like 🙂
  13. The unions/ capacity aspect you bring is specific to US so it cannot be used as a criteria for assesment if a equipment is regional by design or not. Regional jets are operated also in other parts of a world 🙂 There were multiple articles, especially in Business press, describing value of 717 as a regional plane which came from airline officials. Anyway, Yep, the more good addons we have the better.
  14. So you say E-jet is regional but 717 not? 🙂 I forgot one more great regional plane - An-24 portover from X-plane by Felis. Incredibly interesting plane and works good in P3D v4.
  15. Hmm, nobody mentioned TFDI B717 which was just updated to P3Dv4? Great regional jet both in sim and in reality. And i agree Majestic Q400 is perfect if you want turboprop.
  16. Just Please make sure you dont change this topic into World Cup 2018 and football nostalgy discussion 🙂
  17. Didnt know they implemented wingflex in Embraers...
  18. Based on the changes log it doesnt do anything to VNAV nor trim.
  19. I put my stab lever in green range according to TO CG trim. Still the aircraft is unstable on take off. Keeping it on Flight Director bar requires very dynamic movements on yoke.
  20. Same for me - 330kts at and below 10k. Also, FMC doesnt look at MCP ALT settings at all during climb. It is clmbing up to FMC cruising ALT regadless the MCP.
  21. You should have respective pumps on and crosfeed off. Does it still drain one tank only? Then 1 engine should die.
  22. DC-10-10 textures will fit perfectly to -30.
  23. The DC10 on their site is describied as P3D v1,2,3 compatibile while on all other webstores it says v1,2,3,4. I am wondering if they use old installer or if its just description is not up to date...
  24. NGX, FSLA320: 30 min which includes PFPX, Topcat, weather review, cockpit prep and startup. Dc10, L1011 or anything where i need to calculate take off performance card by my self and program INS: 40-50 min.
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