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  1. as usual brilliant review honest and genuine for me one of the best out for the price
  2. thanks for this and all the other stuff you let us know about
  3. thank you very much for the freebies you let us know about
  4. thank you for very quick reply and the advice will try these events as soon as i can outstanding support
  5. hi i am new to aao so i might be doing something wrong using the default a320 in msfs2020 aao works great the app is very intutive but i cant get flight controls etc honeycomb alpha to work at all elevator ailerons etc even throttles on the bravo unit do not respond is this because of the fbw mod or am i missing something any advice appreciated jeff
  6. thank you for continued support to all the team who has worked on this very much appreciated
  7. thank you so much for all involved in this project unbelievable what you guys can achieve thanks for user guide and vids also
  8. hi i ordered mine dec 4th 2019 it arrived 22nd dec 2020 nice xmas box to my self it was worth the wait absoluteley brilliant few hiccups with auto pilot etc keep watching you tube to iron them out gonna try joystick gremlin and vjoy watched the video in this thread but am none the wiser seems complicated i dont think it was very good at explaining the set up unless that is just my brain cells getting a bit old jeff
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