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  1. hi have you installed black marble recently there is an issue with terrain.cfg i had same issue as you are experiencing if you have installed BM go to they website you wii find info on what to do they is a conflict with orbx
  2. thank you for your time in making and sharing this file very helpful
  3. yes please there is that much to learn in this add-on just installed latest version so i might wait to see this video before i play with it thanks
  4. thank you so much really appreciate your work
  5. hi have not migrated went into my account and v5 downloads are there it does tell you to uninstall or set to default in the manager first i uninstalled worked ok
  6. i also have Vertx DA62 working as instucted above vram fairly high sometimes went over 8gb default airport no weather thanks for instuctions
  7. just download this not had time to try it but if it is like the rest of A2A products i have no doubt it will be superb thank you A2A for this generous gift in these sad times
  8. hi tony i have had the same problem as you are experiencing the gtninterface missing from the gauges folder i made exclusions for the folder in windows defender i know you turned this off but something is removing that file whether defender can still do this after being turned off i do not know after making the exclusions then i downloaded and installed gtn trainer and gtn750 this worked for me i then made exclusions for that file inside the gauges folder the gtninterface.dll file i then made a couple of copies of that file on an external hdd but up to now i never needed them hope you get this sorted jeff
  9. hi all i use rex environment and sky force have used envtex and envshade and pta in the past do you need envtex envshade pta or ts if using rex products do they work well together cheers jeff
  10. very kind of you to share this app with the community i think a lot of people would benifit from this thank you
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