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  1. You can fly as much or as little as you want, all you need is a couple of AI pilots and you can give them jobs to keep the company going, or set up a passenger route which they will keep flying to the schedule you give them. The company works in real time, but it only takes a few mins each day to check on your pilots, repair or maintain aircraft, pick jobs, etc. You don't have to check every day, especially if you have scheduled AI flights set up that generate income on thier own. All of this can be in any aircraft that you have installed, large or small, funds permitting. I have an AH2 company with 2 x A2A Piper PA28 180's, 2 x Carenado DO228's and a Realair Turbine Duke. I love flying them all. You chose what aircraft your company operates. You could take your Commanche all over Norway, one the aims of AH2 is that it encourages you to go to airports that you wouldn't normally go to by generating jobs around your base, or bases. So pick your home base in Norway and that's where most of your jobs will be generated. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and as you have mentioned, it gives you a real sense of purpose that takes you to airfields you wouldn't normally see.
  2. There is, it's been out for a couple of weeks now. If you've still got it installed there should be an update available, or you can download the new version from wherever you originally purchased it.
  3. If you bought them separately, you have to install them separately, which you can do right now. If you bought them as the bundle it looks like it will be out, as already mentioned, by Tuesday.
  4. Thanks for the speedy response. Would like to echo the requests to seriously look at an offline mode sooner rather than later. Continued outages causing me to not being able to use the product, when its now an integral part of the flightsim, would push me to an alternative product.
  5. I know, I was half expecting it to crash P3D, but it worked flawlessly. Top coding indeed. I'll join the club. Long live the Duke.
  6. Inspired by you guys, thought I'd give my original FSX (Piston version, not turbine) copy of the RealAir Duke a try. Popped the CD in (very old skool ), pointed it to the P3D4 directory when it asks for the FSX location. Installed without a hitch. Then ran the 1.5 update, also no issues. The aircraft config prog started, made my selections, then started P3D. To my absolute surprise and delight, there is the Duke, all variants....and even better everything works, sounds, etc straight out of the box (CD). No changes to config files or changes to sound file dll's at all. I never got the turbine version at the time, but the fact that this works so well is a very nice surprise.
  7. Updated / current release schedule. https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/announcement/9-prepar3d-v4-–-rex-product-update-7172017/
  8. We definitely need this one too. Having had real world experience of this variant, I'm really looking forward to it.
  9. I hope updates, additions and fixes are regular and the communication from Dovetail continues like this, then we can look forward to a promising flight sim.
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