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  1. I just need one of these for the yoke, and another for the throttle quadrant, right? I bought my shtuff from Ebay a few years ago and the seller never included the mounting screws... I could never find them online, till now.
  2. So now he just opens that same port, and we're good to go?
  3. Okay, I got the port opened thank you.
  4. We both have to open the port? And what port? 26769 or 26869. I opened these ports from the netgear site, but they don't show up in the port checker... sigh
  5. Okay, we tried my internet ip... 67.164..... then port 26769 and port 26869, and they both didn't work.
  6. Yeah... that's what is said at the end. Thanks man. There is no way it's this easy... I'll try again tomorrow. Again though, what is my port going to be?
  7. My anti-virus and firewall have been disabled for years haha oh well. I don't know why you're mentioning port 26769 as it's not even one of my open ports. Here is what I did... I opened Maddog 26867 to 26869 TCP & UDP FSX SimConnect6112 to 6122 TCP & UDP VATSIM Peer To Peer3 2062 to 32062 UDP DirectXa23456 to 23456TCP & UDP DirectXb 6073 to 6073 TCP DirectXc 47624 to 47624 TCP & UDP DirectXd 2300 to 2400 TCP & UDP for my netgear wdr3700... I created a network which was created from my ipv4 address ( and added an extra number after 9 like the tutorial says, so it's which all the ports are opened from. Then I (AND HIM) used the bottom field in the maddog control panel and entered for the ip and 26869 for the port... we then spawned at the same airport, same ramp, same panel state, i pressed connect as PF, waited 5 seconds, and he pressed connect as PNF... BOOM! nothing happened... some of your tutorials say wait 10 seconds, others say do it at the same time. if its really as simple as you say it is, i just enter my ip address which is 67.164........ then enter that port you told me? Why that port, just curious? Then we hit connect at the same time? PLEASE respond just for clarification.
  8. Didn't work, plis help Haelp! We did all teh steps and nothing worked. Can you go step by step plis. MusicalAviator said he would post video, but not now. So plis haelp till then.
  9. Where do we find the IP and port for Hamachi? I have a hamachi network setup with an IP and a weird port number... So when connecting would we use that IP or an IP that our router uses? And how do I get the port for hamachi? http://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3703 this tutorial is really out dated.
  10. I've tried jabloomf. That usually just makes it worse. Are the BGLs supposed to be working with 3rd party mesh? MTX doesn't say anything about that in the manual.
  11. nope... just global, vector, utx, I think it's a MTX issue.. don't think its another addons problem. Again, turning the bgls off fixes it. **Ground Textures** Orbx FTX Global Orbx FTX Global Vector Ultimate Terrain X USA NSX Sweden/Norway Coastlines MegaSceneryEarth Colorado 2.0 Orbx FTX Pacific North West Orbx FTX Southern Alaska Orbx FTX Gold NA Central Rockies Orbx FTX Portland City
  12. Please respond, nothing is working. Airports elevations are still messed up.
  13. MyTrafficX for me is at the bottom of everything on my scenery list. Strange. I'll try above propeller objects then.
  14. It seems these BGLs ruin so many of my airports, and turning them off corrects every airports elevation and bleed through issue. Is there a downside to turning them all off or deleting them? Or is there a way to solve this issue for good?
  15. ... Just run EZCA config... dot. dot dot. ....
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