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  1. I sent them an email (and screenshot of the paypal transaction) at info@aerosoft.de. Is that the right one? I was really hoping to do a few flights in it today :(
  2. I already bought it gfd. But this time through aerosoft. The discount went through as well. I strangely haven't received a serial yet. Kinda wish I did it through simmarket now..
  3. Hmm. The paypal order went through, but i never got an email regarding a serial and its not in my aerosoft account. I'll email them.
  4. Sweet. 34USD for the new a320/a321/ + a318/a320... not too bad i guess. Thanks guys.
  5. Okay, that's good thanks. Where do you input the discounts? I bought mine from simmarket.
  6. So, just to make things clear for me, you can't update the airbus x extended past version 1.16 without buying the full product again? Is there a discount at least?
  7. So I was installing the new addon manager update. And long story short it wasn't showing up in FSX, so I decided to do a complete re-haul on FSDT shtuff and after uninstalling all the FSDT airports, my FSX.cfg and everything in the appdata/roaming/microsoft/FSX folder got reset. I cri evry tim.
  8. Don't you have to select the directory manually though? When I select the FSX:SE directory it doesn't work.
  9. I can't get the Q400 working. Any word on its compatibility? Majestics website says it may work, but that's just their guess. Its showing up in the SimObjects folder which was created upon installation of the q400. This new folder is within the Steam FSX folder called Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The Q400 won't install into the regular SimObjects folder.
  10. I'm suprised laughing about x dressing isn't in AVSIMs terms of service. That's not cool man. Anyone know the release price?
  11. Can you post a screenshot... and maybe repeat the steps in order to get the shadows working in laymans terms?
  12. Wait, so you're saying that you CAN get shadows working on the main panel?
  13. ASN should have little to no performance impact. And with those specs and the NGX, you'll probably be getting between 8 - 15 fps on the ground and 20 in the air? With my 7850 and i5 3570k @ 4.2 GHz… I get around 15 fps on the ground at lets say FSDT KJFK and around 30 - 45 fps in in air.
  14. They only work in P3D. The dash and main panel shadows don't show in FSX with Steves dx10 fixer. They work everywhere else in the cockpit like the seats for example… this is with the interior model fix.
  15. With all the thanksgiving sales, I happened to buy ftx global and vector as well as a few airports. I can confirm that deleting the MyTraffic Kewr elevation bgl or whatever its called works. Apparently turning this off with gex and utx on does not work. But it works with vector and global. Unfortunately, my local airport of KEGE now has an elevation problem haha.
  16. Wow. I'm ignorant. Yeah it's on top of everything and I don't know what aec is so im assuming I don't have that. Are there any hidden files that I can still delete that aren't in MyTraffic or scenery/world? I'll note that reinstalling doesn't work either.
  17. Of course. Btw there are no orbx regions for the Atlantic northeast lol and like I said I use gex and utx. Na openlc is not released
  18. Awww. I just have standard fsx so I can't use the SDK... I'll ask on their forums.
  19. GEX and UTX for me. I'll try simple airport scanner. Yeah that didn't work. But it's good to know I have 184 addon airports lol. Deleting the MyTraffic kewr bgl didn't work either.
  20. The taxiways are all a little higher than the runways, causing aircraft to bounce and such. Turning off the AFX_KEWR_ALT.bgl doesn't do anything. Is there a work around? I don't use custom mesh nor do I have New York City X. To my knowlege KTEB and KLGA work fine.
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